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The march of Civilisation
Came to Port Phillip in 1843
Arrivals in 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, here, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849,

Accuracy of the quoted age is questionable - for both adults and children. Fares were determined by the age.

They came by ship - Assisted Immigrants who arrived or left in 1843

They came by ship in 1843 - shipping including Coastal from Sydney, Hobart, Launceston
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Summary notes on Vessels by name - Abeona, Camaena, Felicity, James, Maguasha, Parkfield, Seahorse, Tamar,

Passenger lists - NSW now has online images of their handwritten lists, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.

Notes from the Port Phillip Herald, before 2010 it was online at PaperofRecord site, then in Dec 2009 was purchased and is now on Vital Records, which costs to use.
Melbourne Times, online at Ferguson project
CH - The Courier (Hobart, Tas. : 1840-1859), CTH - Colonial Times (Hobart, Tas. : 1828-1857),
LE - Launceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842-1899), LTA - The Teetotal advocate, Launceston
AS - The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824-1848), SMH - Sydney Morning Herald,

126 vessels

Abeona, Abercombie, Adelaide, Aden, Agenoria, Agnes and Elizabeth, Alicia, Alpha, Amiga, Amity, Arab, Bandicoot, Barbara, Beagle, Black Swan, Bolina, Boujah Maiden, Breeze, Britannia, British Isle, Camaena, Christina, Comet, Coquette, Corsair, Davidson, Diana, Domain, Dorset, Dublin, Duke of Richmond, Eagle, Ellen, Ellen and Elizabeth, Emancipation, Emily, Enmore, Enterprise, Essex, Essington, Felicity, Flying Fish, Flying Squirel, Fox, Frances, Gannet, Glenbervie, Glentanner, Glenroy, Glenswilly, Governor La Trobe, Harlequin, Henry, Hoogly, Imaun of Muscat, Industry, Isabella Anna, James, Jane and Emma, Jean, Jemima, Joanna, Joseph Cripps, Lady Fitzherbert, Lady St Kilda, Lillias, Lively, Lord Keane, Lowestoft, Lucy, Maguasha, Marmion, Marayshire, Margaret Connal, Mariner, Mary, Mary Jane, Mary Lloyd, Mary Lyon, Mary Mitcheson, Marion Watson, Midge, Midlothian, Minerva, Mumford, Munro, Naiad, North Star, Opossum, Parkfield, Paterson, Perseverance, Port Phillip, Portenia, Posthumous, Prince George, Prince of Denmark, Ranger, Rebecca, Regulus, Reward, Richard Mount, Sally Ann, Scotia, Scout, Sea Horse, Shamrock, Sir John Byng, Socrates, Statesman, Swan River Packet, Sydney, Sylvanus, Tamar, Thomas, Thomas Hughes, Thompson, Tintern, Tobago, Tuscan, Tyne, Union, Victoria, Will Watch, Wilson, Winchester, Winscales,
First mention 1843
January Abeona, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Agenora, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Amity, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Beagle, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Britannia, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Ellen, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Glenswilly, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Harlequin, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Henry, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Minerva, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Munro, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Posthumous, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Socrates, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Warlock, Tue 3rd Jan 1843, Breeze, Fri 6th Jan 1843, Maguasha, Fri 6th Jan 1843, Dublin, Tue 10th Jan 1843, Jane and Emma, Tue 10th Jan 1843, Sally Ann, Tue 10th Jan 1843, Alpha, Fri 13th Jan 1843, Essington, Fri 13th Jan 1843, Prince of Denmark, Fri 13th Jan 1843, Scout, Fri 13th Jan 1843, Tamar, Fri 13th Jan 1843, Christina, Tue 17th Jan 1843, Coquette, Tue 17th Jan 1843, Paterson, Tue 17th Jan 1843, Corsair, Fri 20th Jan 1843, Sea Horse, Fri 20th Jan 1843, Black Swan, Tue 24th Jan 1843, Lillias, Tue 24th Jan 1843, Statesman, Tue 24th Jan 1843, Will Watch, Fri 27th Jan 1843, Aden, Tue 31st Jan 1843, Emancipation, Tue 31st Jan 1843, Perseverance, Tue 31st Jan 1843

February Flying Fish, Fri 10th Feb 1843, Naiad, Fri 10th Feb 1843, Ranger, Fri 10th Feb 1843, Tuscan, Fri 10th Feb 1843, Duke of Richmond, Tue 14th Feb 1843, Sir John Byng, Tue 14th Feb 1843, Tobago, Tue 14th Feb 1843, Arab, Fri 17th Feb 1843, James, Fri 17th Feb 1843, Rebecca, Fri 17th Feb 1843, Mary Mitcheson, Tue 28th Feb 1843, Sydney, Tue 28th Feb 1843, Tintern, Tue 28th Feb 1843

March Fox, Fri 3rd March 1843 MarchBarbara, Tue 14th March 1843, Eagle, Fri 17th March 1843, Essex, Fri 17th March 1843, Glenbervie, Fri 17th March 1843, Union, Fri 17th March 1843, Bolina, Tue 21st March 1843, Industry, Tue 21st March 1843, Jemima, Tue 21st March 1843, Thompson, Fri 24th March 1843, Ellen and Elizabeth, Fri 31th March 1843, Lively, Fri 31th March 1843, Gannet, Tue 2nd May 1843, Hoogly, Tue 2nd May 1843

April Thomas Hughes, Tue 4th April 1843, Agnes and Elizabeth, Fri 7th April 1843, Lady Fitzherbert, Fri 7th April 1843, Mary, Tue 11th April 1843, Midge, Tue 11th April 1843, Domain, Fri 14th April 1843, Enmore, Fri 14th April 1843, Richard Mount, Fri 14th April 1843, Winscales, Fri 14th April 1843, Victoria, Fri 21st April 1843, Felicity, Tue 25th April 1843, Port Phillip, Tue 25th April 1843

May Sylvannus, Fri 5th May 1843, Lady St Kilda, Tue 9th May 1843, Lucy, Fri 12th May 1843, Mary Jane, Tue 16th May 1843, Adelaide, Fri 19th May 1843, Parkfield, Fri 19th May 1843, Flying Squirel, Tue 23th May 1843, Abercombie, Tue 30th May 1843, British Isle, Tue 30th May 1843

June Boujah Maiden, Tue 6th June 1843, Alicia, Fri 9th June 1843, Amiga, Tue 13th June 1843, North Star, Fri 23rd June 1843, Swan River Packet, Tue 27th June 1843

July Governor La Trobe, Tue 4th July 1843, Portenia, Fri 14th July 1843, Prince George, Fri 14th July 1843, Diana, Tue 18th July 1843, Shamrock, Fri 28th July 1843

August Mariner, Fri 18th August 1843, Scotia, Fri 18th August 1843, Vixen, Tue 29th August 1843

September Comet, Fri 8th Sept 1843, Reward, Fri 8th Sept 1843, Davidson, Tue 12th Sept 1843, Frances, Tue 12th Sept 1843, Lord Keane, Fri 15th Sept 1843, Marion Watson, Fri 15th Sept 1843, Wilson, Fri 15th Sept 1843, Glenroy, Fri 19th Sept 1843, Rajah, Fri 29th Sept 1843

October Marmion, Fri 6th Oct 1843, Emily, Tue 10th Oct 1843, Enterprise, Tue 10th Oct 1843, Thomas, Tue 17st Oct 1843, Opossum, Fri 20th Oct 1843, Bandicoot, Tue 31st Oct 1843

November Lowestoft, Fri 3rd Nov 1843, Dorset, Tue 7th Nov 1843, Jean, Tue 7th Nov 1843, Margaret Connal, Tue 7th Nov 1843, Joseph Cripps, Fri 10th Nov 1843, Marayshire, Tue 14th Nov 1843, Mumford, Fri 17th Nov 1843, Winchester, Fri 17th Nov 1843, Isabella Anna, Tue 28th Nov 1843

December Imaun of Muscat, Tue 5th Dec 1843, Mary Lloyd, Fri 8th Dec 1843, Midlothian, Tue 12th Dec 1843, Glentanner, Fri 15th Dec 1843, Regulus, Fri 22th Dec 1843, Tyne, Fri 22th Dec 1843, Camaena, Tue 26th Dec 1843

They came by ship in 1843 - shipping including Coastal from Sydney, Hobart, Launceston
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Summary notes on Vessels by name - Abeona, Camaena, Felicity, Imaun of Muscat, Maguasha, Parkfield, Seahorse, Tamar,

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