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The march of Civilisation
Came to Port Phillip in 1841
Arrivals in 1839, 1840, here, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849,

Accuracy of the quoted age is questionable - for both adults and children. Fares were determined by the age.

They came by ship - Assisted Immigrants who arrived or left in 1841

New in 2011 - Arrivals by each Month - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Notes on Vessels by name - Abeona, Bandicoot, Devonshire, Hamilton, Kilmaurs, Maguasha, Patriot, Tamar,

Found Dec 2009 - Online Reel List shows year, date of Arrival, Ship, begins 1838, and includes 'Persons on bounty ships arriving at Port Phillip,'
Scroll through the digital copies of these lists, ship by ship, just as you would if you were going through a microfilm in the reading rooms.

See Overland Sydney to Port Phillip in Perth Gazette (West Aust), from Melb 12 Feb 1841 - Sydney Herald.
Coastal Shipping newspaper reports sometimes have lists in the arrival notes, but those who overlanded from Sydney or Adelaide are very difficult to identify.

Cargo and Coastal Ships

Many vessels (at least 200), both small and large, arrived in the port of Melbourne in 1841 from places in Australia. Most originated in major Australian colonial ports like Sydney, Hobart, Launceston and Adelaide, and at least some of these would have been carrying cargo which had been transhipped from vessels arriving from overseas. A smaller, but still significant, number of small vessels (usually less than 100 tons) arrived from outlying settlements such as Twofold Bay (NSW), King Island and Flinders Island (Tasmania) as well as Geelong, Western Port, Portland Bay and Corner Inlet (Victoria).

103 vessels recorded in Geelong Advertiser for 1841
9075 named and 217 unknown arrived from Overseas by Ship to Port Phillip
I have a total of 9075 names, including those who paid own fares, 381 Cabin, 80 Intermediate and 554 Steerage named and 217 unknown (who travelled Steerage or Intermediate) to PP and listed in the papers of the day.
A combination of reports by the Port Phillip Herald listing arrival of 58 vessels from United Kingdom, and Shipping lists for Bounty passengers, suggests 44 vessels brought 7878 persons came to Port Phillip in 1841 - 1761 single women, 1596 single men and 4521 in families, although at least 43 died during the journey.
The hidden group in Intermediate and Steerage - neither listed in newspaper as arrivals, or named on ship list as bounty, has at least 17 children and 491 adult arrivals, and 87 who went from Port Phillip, during 1841. There are 9081 entries with a surname, 788 paid own fares on Bounty vessels plus 299 on other vessels, plus 194 named staff (Masters, Doctors, Mates, and ignores the approximately 25 Ordinary Seamen employed on each vessel).

January - Salsette [Jan 2], Ariadne [Jan 9], Helen Thompson [Jan 12], Fergusson [Jan 15], Sir Charles Forbes [Jan 21], Nimrod [Jan 26]
February - Georgiana [Feb 23], York [Feb 24]
March - Argyle [Mar 1], Neptune [Mar 28]
April - Fortitude [Apr 3], John Cooper [Apr 4], Argyle [Apr 13],
May - Jupiter [May 5], Benares [May 9], Lady Raffles [May 30],
June - Duchess Of Northumberland [Jun 3], Frankfield [Jun 7]
July - England [Jul 17], Royal Saxon [Jul 17], George Fyfe [Jul 23], Brilliant [Jul 26], Stratheden [Jul 26], William Abrams [Jul 26], Westminster [Jul 29]
August - (Aug 13 reported), Frances [Aug 17], William Metcalfe [Aug 27], Strathfieldsaye [Aug 30]
September - Forth [Sep 19], Middlesex [Sep 30]
October - Thomas Arbuthnot [Oct 2], Agricola [Oct 3], Enmore [Oct 4], Intrinsic [Oct 7], Catherine Jamieson [Oct 22], Grindlay [Oct 22], Lysander [Oct 22]
November - Diamond [Nov 4], Alemena [Oct 17], Wallace [Nov 26], Frances [Nov 28], Allan Kerr [Nov 30], Marquis Of Bute [Nov 30], Mary Nixon [Nov 30]
December - Branken Moor [Dec 12], Ward Chapman [Dec 12], William Mitchell [Dec 16], Agostina [Dec 17], Asia [Dec 19], Gilmore [Dec 24], Alexander [Dec 27],
1 Shipwreck - India burned, 20 drowned, 153 rescued by the Roland and came on the Grindlay.
Authorities refused to pay Bounty, as transfer had not been authorised. This was announced after the Grindlay landed it's destitute passengers who lost all in the fire.

All arrivals at Port Phillip, recorded in the local newspapers - Bounty Vessels have blue coloured background on these pages

Notes on 127 Vessels which to Port Phillip 1841 with 2435 named passengers

plus 41 Bounty Ships each on its own page, total of 276 unknown (paid passengers) and 9012 named (this includes Staff)

Summary notes on Vessels by name - Abeona, Bandicoot, Devonshire, Hamilton, Kilmaurs, Maguasha, Patriot, Tamar,

Abeona, Adelaide brig, Adelaide schooner, Agenoria, Agnes and Elizabeth, Alemena, Alexandrina, Alice, Anne, Aphrasia, Asia, Augustus, Australasian Packet, Bandicoot, Benares, Blossom, Boujah Maiden, Brazil Packet, Britannia, Brothers barque, Brothers brig, Byker, Caroline brig, Caroline ship, Catherine, Challenger, Charlotte, Christina, Clydesdale, Corsair, Devonshire, Diana, Dumfries, Dusty Miller, Eagle, Edina, Elizabeth Lloyd, Ellen and Elizabeth, Emma, Essington, Fairlie, Flinders, Flying Squirrel, Foment, Fortitude, Fox, Gem, Gilbert Jamieson, Glenatron, Governor Arthur, Governor La Trobe, Hamilton, Harriett, Harvest Home, Helen Thompson, Henry, Indemnity, Indus, Industry, Isabella, Itana, James, Jane and Emma, Janet, Jean, Jewess, John Campbell, John Pirie, Jupiter, Kilmaurs, Lady Emma, Lady of St Kilda, Lady of the Lake, Lady Raffles, Lapwing, Lillias, Lively, Lord Hobart, Lorina, Louisa Marianna, Lowestoft, Lucy, Lunar, Maguasha, Maia, Majestic, Margaret, Mariner, Mary, Mary Hay, Mary Jane, Minerva, Naiad, Nerio, New Holland, Nimrod, Orient, Patriot, Paul Pry, Pickwick, Platina, Porter, Rookery, Rovers Bride, Royal Mail, Sarah Bell, Scout, Sea Horse, Shamrock, Singapore, Sir John Franklin, Sisters, Socrates, Sophia Pate, St Helena, Stratheden, Supply, Tamar, Tasman, Tasmania, Thetis, Thomas Crisp, Timbo, Truelove, Truganina, Vesper, Victoria, Will Watch, William Hughes, William Salthouse,

41 Bounty Ships each on its own page, total of 276 unknown (paid passengers) and 9012 named (this includes Staff)
Agostina, 112 named; Agricola, 252 named; Alexander, 269 named; Allan Ker, 271 named; Argyle in March, 246 named; Argyle in April, 243 named; Ariadne, 70 named; Branken Moor, 177 named; Brilliant, 44 named; Catherine Jamieson, 164 named; Diamond, 272 named; Duchess of Northumberland, 311 named; England, 380 named; Enmore, 107 named; Ferguson, 20 unknown, 284 named; Forth, 232 named; Frances, 109 named; Frankfield, 14 unknown, 345 named; George Fyffe, 232 named; Georgiana, 229 named; Gilmore, 4 unknown, 248 named; Grindlay, 173 named; Intrinsic, 266 named; John Cooper, 56 unknown, 66 named; Lysander, 9 unknown, 232 named; Marquis of Bute, 245 named; Mary Nixon, 156 named; Middlesex, 12 unknown, 224 named; Neptune, 313 named; Royal Saxon, 275 named; Salsette, 9 unknown, 216 named; Sir Charles Forbes, 185 named; Strathfieldsaye, 18 unknown, 244 named; Thomas Arbuthnot, 277 named; Wallace, 4 unknown, 336 named; Quarantine, Ward Chapman, 394 named; tinned meat caused problems, Westminster, 272 named; William Abrams, 22 unknown, 211 named; William Metcalf, 46 unknown, 247 named; William Mitchell, with 48 named; York, brought 64 unknown and 44 named;

typical barque
three or more masts having the foremasts rigged square and the aftermast rigged fore-and-aft
Staff are consistently shown as 5 - the Master, Surgeon-Superintendent, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mate,
because these 5 are paid, so names are on Ship Disposal Certificate (Victorian lists).
The lists of Crew members, and registration of the vessel are held at Kew Public Records Office, UK. The Crew payments were based on the number of Bounty souls landed, so infants were counted here -
Doctor received 10/6, Master 3/-, 1st Mate 1/6 and 2nd and 3rd Mates received 1/- a head.
A ship
three masts, all with square rigging

The numbers of sons and daughters does not balance that of children, because some are aged over 14, so counted among the single males and single females. Some family age ranges suggest three generations have come together, an older parent, adult children and infants

Other includes paying passengers when either their names, or the number, is known. Included in this group are those who were refused Bounty status on arrival.

Bounty passengers are counted as number of couples, adults with children, sons and daughters, boys under 18 and girls under 15, husbands, wives, single males and single females. There appears to be a number of couples whose ages suggest a second marriage with step children.
Bounty in pounds (20/-) was paid per individual at 19 for each adult, 15 for males aged 15-18, 10 for children aged 7-15, and 5 for children aged 1-7. Infants were not included. Girls over 14 are included as Single females costing 19 each.

The web page featuring 'Wreck of the William Salthouse, 1841' shows a clear picture of Port Phillip. The 251 ton vessel William Salthouse, was the only trading vessel to try to come from Canada to Port Phillip and it floundered and the loss is reported in The Port Phillip Herald for Tuesday, November 30, 1841.

Customs Regulations 1841

Comment Column 2 Page 2, Geelong Advertiser 6 Dec 1841 - on the relaxation requiring vessels to use Williams Town as Port of Entry, where the Captains presented their papers on arrival, although it is not the Port of Discharge

The census of 21 March 1841

showed a population for the Port Philip District of 11,758 (Melbourne 4,479).
Bounty 4632 family members, 1686 girls, 2414 men (despite rule that number of men must be less than that of single women, to receive Bounty allowance).

Geelong Advertiser for 17 July 1841 reports I have NOT corrected the additions
Population of Melbourne 4,479; of county Bourke 3,241; of district of Western Port 1,391; of Geelong 454; of county Grant 336; of Portland 597, and of county Normanby 1,260, total 11,728.
Houses - In Melbourne 769, county Bourke including Newtown and Williams Town 432 besides 67 huts; district of Western Port 110; Geelong 81, county and district of Portland Bay 100 total 1,559
Condition - Convicts employed by Government, in Melbourne 64, in county Bourke 34, district of Western Port 5, Geelong 20, county Grant 17, in Portland 2, district and county of Portland Bay 4, total 146. Convicts in private assignment - in Melbourne 10, county of Bourke 70, district of Western Port 122, Geelong 6, county of Grant 0, county and district of Portland Bay 23, total 213. Total of convicts in the district 359 (exclusive of two women).
Of the male free population, there are 215 colonial born, 6,500 arrived free, 104 emancipists, 124 holding tickets-of-leave. Of the female population there are 347 born in the colony, 2,908 arrived free, 104 emancipists, 2 holding tickets-of-leave.
Religion - Church of England 6,194, Church of Sctland 2,045, Wesleyan Methodists 651, other Protestant Dissenters 353, Roman Catholics 1,441, Jews 59, Mahomedans and Pagans 10
Station in Life - Employers of labour including professions and trades 1,767; labourers of every description 8,926, Total 10,693

1839, 1840, here, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849,
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Arrivals by each Month in 1841 - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Notes on Vessels by name - Abeona, Bandicoot, Devonshire, Hamilton, Kilmaurs, Maguasha, Patriot, Tamar,

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