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Image from Victorian Periodicals and the Empire, "The March of Civilisation, or News from Australia!"
The Illuminated Magazine Jan 1844. Image selected on 16 July 2007, when I began these web pages
The march of Civilisation
I began these pages on 6 July 2007, when I added links but sadly many have now moved. The Site is being rebuilt Nov 2013, with two indexes -
ships listed per year, and people in alpha order, combining details. Remember - many names belong to more than one individual.

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Churches before 1848
Baptisms of triplets

Pioneers of Vic after about 1852

Ships recorded as visiting before Port Phillip had a newspaper, 1 Jan 1840

Visits 1835 - 1839 by 138 vessels recorded and then found by me - all known ships 1835-1839 with details of visits involving Port Phillip before 1 Jan 1840 -

1836, Jan-April 1837, May-Aug 1837, Sep-Dec 1837, Jan-April 1838, May-Aug 1838, Sep-Dec 1838, Jan-April 1839, May-Aug 1839, Sep-Dec 1839,

Ships recorded as visiting Port Phillip after 1 Jan 1840

1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849,

Notes on the Names are shown with original surname and then revised surname to try to match records, eg - Jane Gaddis aged 20 came Feb 1844 on the Wallace, as Gaddip wed Henry Aaron Smith in 1846

Counted after I entered notes for 1846, in Nov 2008
During 2010 I have done a major revision of names, and added details of ships that arrived - up to 31 Dec 1841

Groups Couples - arrived as married couple, or children baptised but no record of marriage
Children either listed as arrived, or baptised. Noted many marriages are not followed by children being baptised. Single men and single women listed as arrived, as in colony or when they married.
Approximate totals, based on average using totals for first 97 pages, to end of surnames beginning with C.
436 pages total 41,545 - 5,088 Couples, 13,147 children, Singles - 5,771 women, 12,545 men

Diary 1835 - 1842, in Rootsweb, being Extracts from a diary of Victoria dated from the first settlement until 1842
Concise accounts, including the voyage 1849 of James T Foord, can be found in books such as
"The Somerset Years" by Florence Chuk, State Library of Victoria, and "Perilous Voyages To The New Land", by Michael Cannon.
Joseph Hawdon, The First Overlander", by Brian Packard pub 1997, ISBN 0 646 31190 5 Pub by Fast Books, a division of Wild & Woolley Pty Ltd, Glebe.
His first epic journey was to be first to take a herd of cattle starting 4 Jan 1838 from the Goulburn River, along the Murray and to Adelaide.

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