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The march of Civilisation
Came to Port Phillip by 1849
News from Victoria, Australia
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Mr Jemmy (a black) departing 29 July 1841 from Launceston for Port Phillip on the Will Watch
John Jemmy 22 (single man 32) Ploughman Prot neither Corke, came 1 Oct 1841 on the Middlesex
Lucy Jemott wed Philip Cummings in 1840 at Church Of England St James, Melbourne
George Jenhane / Jenhan 29 (single man 24) Labourer Prot Both Edinburgh, came 26 Nov 1841 on the Wallace
Mr A Jenkins arrived 29 May 1841 at Launceston from Port Phillip, on the Scout
Captain Jenkins master, 15 Mar 1841 on the Sir John Franklin
Captain Jenkins master, on 28 Apr 1841 on the Paul Pry
Captain Jenkins arrived 14 Sep 1841 at Launceston from Port Phillip on the Tamar - source Launceston Courier 20 Sep 1841
George Jenkins, 34 both was AHJ clerk, trained as Shoemaker married crime - Embezzlement 10 years convicted 4 Mar 1843, at York, received 25 Apr 1843, at York, became an Exile and received a Royal Pardon 10 Oct 1844, arrived at Geelong 18 March 1845 on the Sir George Seymour, and went to Melbourne (List a082 and b09)
George Jenkins, No 9, letters at Melbourne Post Office. Source - Melbourne Courier 13 Oct 1845
George Jenkins Page 32 letters at Post Office, 3 Feb 1847
Mr H Jenkins arrived at Launceston 15 Mar 1841 from Port Phillip on the Sir John Franklin
Henry Jenkins, 30 hus of Rebecca Carpenter Cornwall Prot both Left at his own resources arrived 22 Sep 1844 from Cork on the Abberton
Rebecca Jenkins, 27 wife of Henry arrived 22 Sep 1844 from Cork on the Abberton
Dr J Surg Supt Jenkins Doctor, 2 w, came Aug 1840 on the Isabella Watson
John Jenkins, letter to be collected from Melbourne Post Office. Source - Port Phillip Herald 6 Feb 1844
John Jenkins and Phillippa baptised Mary Ann 1844
Dr J Jenkins - Doctor (Staff 2), came 11 Aug 1840 on the Isabella Watson
Margaret Jenkins, wed Francis Fuller 1842 #662 Presbyterian Melbourne & Geelong
Mr Jenkins (Sydney) sailed 8 Sep 1840 from Port Phillip for Sydney, on the Isabella Watson
Mr Jenkins Reported Tues 18 Aug 1840 - The Cabin passengers of the Isabella Watson entertained Captain Macdonald,
Mr Jenkins Cabin arrived 18 Oct 1840 from London on the London
Phillipa Jenkins 21 (single woman 40) House Servant Prot Both Worcester, came 24 Dec 1841 on the Gilmore
Phillipa Jenkins wed William Kent in 1845 at Methodist / Wesleyan
Richard Jenkins carpenter off Bourke lane, Source - 1847 Directory
Robert Jenkins, wed Ellen Donnoghherty 1842 #290 Roman Catholic Melbourne & Geelong
Robert Jenkins and Mary Delarty baptised Anne 1843, Robert 1846
Robert Jenkins wed Bridget Gleeson in 1847 at Roman Catholic St Marys, Geelong
William Jenkins, 25 single man m19, Labourer, Prot, reads, Gloucestershire, arrived 26 Feb 1842 from Plymouth on the Himalaya
William Jenkins and Ann Jones baptised Edward William 1843, Samuel 1845
William Jenkins and Eliza baptised Grace 1847, John 1847, William James 1847
William Jenkins and Eliza Irvin baptised Grace 1843, John 1845 died
Jenkins & McArthur in a partnership settlers Point Nepean, Source - 1847 Directory
Ellen Jenkison / Jenkinson 19 (single woman 37) Housemaid, Prot both, Galway, came 30 Sept 1840 on the Himalaya
Ellen Jenkinson wed James Donoughue in 1846 at Roman Catholic St Francis, Melbourne
John Jenkinson 30 Labourer Prot both Lincolnshire arrived 18 Feb 1844 from London and Cork on the Royal Consort
Rebecca Jenkinson 32 wife Prot both Lincolnshire arrived 18 Feb 1844 from London and Cork on the Royal Consort
Mary Ann Jenkinson 6, Hannah Jenkinson 5, Susan Jenkinson 3 and William Jenkinson 0 Prot Lincolnshire arrived 18 Feb 1844 from London and Cork on the Royal Consort
John Jenkinsonon and Rebecca baptised Rebecca 1845
Mary Jane Jenkison / Jenkinson 20 (single woman 38) Housemaid, Prot both, Galway, came 30 Sept 1840 on the Himalaya
Mary Jane Jenkisson wed John Skinner in 1843 at Presbyterian Geelong
Mr Jenkinson arrived 5 Apr 1841 at Launceston from Port Phillip, on the Tamar
Henry Jenner, 23 single man Labourer Sussex Prot reads employed by Walter Butter Williamstown arrived 21 July 1844 from London and Cork on the Dale Park
Abraham Jennings, arrived at Launceston from Portland on the brig 'Henry' 30 Jan 1843 - source Launceston Courier 6 Feb 1843
CA Jennings witness to wedding 3 Jul 1839 Ralph Walton to Sarah Haris at St James Cathedral, Melbourne
Cook Jennings 34 hus (family 21) Mason Prot both Manchester, came 7 Oct 1841 on the Intrinsic
Hannah Jennings 33 wife of Cooke (family 21) Housemaid Prot both Manchester, came 7 Oct 1841 on the Intrinsic
Robert Jennings 10, Margaret Jennings 8 and Samuel Jennings 6 son of Cooke (family 21) Prot Manchester, came 7 Oct 1841 on the Intrinsic
Dr Jennings departed Sydney 29 Dec 1841 for Port Phillip and Calcutta, on the Fairlie
D Jennings with wife Cabin, came Nov 1839 on the William Metcalf
See letter with notes for George Playne
Mrs Jennings, Port Phillip Herald 22 Apr 1842 Page 2 and servant To depart 23 Apr 1842 for England on the Branken Moor which came 1841
Daniel Jennings, employed Thomas Watts who arrived 22 Sep 1844 on the Abberton
Daniel Jennings, Licensed to depasture stock at Western Port District August 1845. Source - Melbourne Courier 29 Sep 1845
Daniel Jennings settler Campaspe Plains, Source - 1847 Directory

From on Thursday, 28 August, 2008

I have been doing research about Dr George Playne (1802-1885) and Daniel Jennings (1795-1872) - who were both cabin passengers on the 1839 voyage of the William Metcalfe to PP.
Daniel Jennings was quite rich and a bit eccentric. They were business partners and squatted at Campaspe Plains Sta (1840-51). Jennings also was involved with a number of land transactions - sometimes in conj with Henry Miller. The Jennings couple also employed Rhoda Nowell (not Newall) who also came on the same ship. Daniel's first wife and Rhoda returned to UK in 1842, to follow her husband who had hurriedly left Melb in Dec 1841. He came back with a new wife Ellen in late 1843. He and Ellen stayed in Vic until 1851 when they returned to England.

Daniel Jennings Owned Property Brighton - House & Land Top Directory 1847 settler, Campaspe Plains
Eliza Jennings 16 (single woman 25) Nursery maid, RC, both, Canarvon,, came 18 July 1840 on the Theresa From Rootsweb, In July or August 1840 a vessel "Theresa" arrived at Port Philip with immigrants presumably from Britain. Amongst the passengers was Eliza JENNINGS approximately 15 or 16 years of age. I believe she spent time in the goldfields area (prior to the discovery of gold) before ending up on Kangaroo Island about 1846. I am trying to discover any details concerning her origins or family. Did she travel alone (possibly as a servant) or was she with family. At some time she "married" Thomas JOHNS(T)ON(E).

From on Sat, 25 Aug 2007 and Tue, 11 Sep 2007

I'm trying to find out what Eliza was doing between her arrival at Port Philip on 28th August, 1840?? and her giving birth to a son by one Thomas JOHNS(T)ON(E) on 26th August, 1847 on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. She and Thomas had several children and Eliza died in 1880 and is buried at Hog Bay Cemetery. You obviously have an interest in and knowledge of early Melbourne & environs so any help or suggestions as to what Eliza did, how when and where she met Thomas and in fact how she got to South Australia would be of immense value to me. I understand there were a number of single young people on the Theresa. Would they have been assisted immigrants destined to become servants or farm hands aka ag. labs.? It strikes me that there was no real government in Port Phillip to be offering assistance and I'm not too sure that Sydney Town would have been all that interested!

Regards Chris

Miss Harriet Jennings, Intermediate arrived 27 Sep 1842 from Liverpool on the Ocean
Henry Jennings Gippsland Bunyip 15 2 Correspondence sold Western Port Balla Balla to Adams, Jas Smith
John Jennings Cabin passenger arrived 18 Sep 1839 from Leith on the Caledonia
John Jennings witness to wedding 3 Dec 1839 William Hone to Sarah Weaver at St James Cathedral, Melbourne
John Jennings wed Catherine Naylor in 1841 at Presbyterian Melbourne & Geelong baptised Robert Dundass 1846
Directory 1847 Male infant of J aged 3D died 1845 at Melbourne
John Jennings, ginger beer maker, Bourke street
John Jennings, The Port Phillip Herald Fri, 28 Apr 1843 Confectioners Licence granted
John Jennings, The Port Phillip Herald Tue 8 Aug 1843 Jury for Fri 8 Aug 1843, criminal hearing
John Jennings, House McKillop St The Port Phillip Herald Fri 8 Sep 1843 Burgess in Lonsdale Ward
John Jennings, Confectioner granted Annual License. Source - Melbourne Weekly Courier 4 May 1844
John Jennings, Insolvent Brewer Melbourne applying for Certificate. Source - Port Phillip Herald 17 Sept 1844
John Jennings, Insolvent certificate granted. Source - Port Phillip Herald 8 Nov 1844
John Jennings, granted annual Confectioners license - source Port Phillip Herald 17 Apr 1845
John Jennings, a Burgess in Lonsdale Ward voted for John Joseph Fawkner who won the seat. Source - Port Phillip Herald 12 Aug 1845
John Jennings ginger beer maker Bourke street, Source - 1847 Directory
Master Joseph Jennings, No 7, letters at Melbourne Post Office. Source - Melbourne Courier 5 Aug 1845
Mr JD Jennings arrived 21 Dec 1841 at Hobart from Port Phillip on 12 Dec on the Agenoria
Maria Jennings witness to wedding 3 Jul 1839 Ralph Walton to Sarah Haris at St James Cathedral, Melbourne
Margaret Jennings 19 (single woman 33) Housemaid Prot neither Galway, came 19 Sep 1841 on the Forth
Mr Jennings 4 Sep 1840 cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo, on the Dauntless
Mr Jennings arrived 18-Oct 1840 from Sydney on 11 Oct on the Lord Saumarez
Mrs Jennings (Cabin 3) depart 23 Apr 1842 on the Branken Moor
Captain R Jennings Ship's Master sailed 10-Feb 1840 on the Lookin
Thomas Jennings sailed 13-Jan 1840 for Launceston on the Paul Pry
Thomas Jennings and Maria baptised Sarah Ellen 1840, Harriet Maria 1843 Maria
Thos Jennings 18 (single man 9) Labourer RC both Perth, came 29 Nov 1841 on the Frances Page 197 Letters at Office, 30th June 1847
Thomas Jennings carpenter Queen-street Melbourne, source 1841 Kerr's Almanac transcribed by Lenore Frost
Thomas Jennings, Tue 27 Jun 1843 Melbourne resident signed supporting William Lonsdale
Thomas Jennings, House Queen St The Port Phillip Herald Fri 8 Sep 1843 Burgess in Burke Ward
Thomas Jennings, departed from Port Phillip for Launceston on the schooner 'Paul Pry' 13 Jan 1840 - source Port Phillip Herald 14 Jan 1840
Thomas Jennings, sold to Alexander Sim builder, Archibald McLachlan as Trustee has the Title Deeds for collection,. Source - Melbourne Courier 25 July 1845
William Jennings 29 hus (family 21) Agriculturish, Prot neither, Cheshire, came 22 Jan 1840 on the John Bull
Mary Jennings 28 wife of William (family 21) Housemaid, Prot reads, Manchester, came 22 Jan 1840 on the John Bull
Mr W Jennings MD Passengers Cabin - arrived 11 Aug 1840 from Leith on the Isabella Watson
William Jennings Page 153 letters at Post Office, 31st May 1847
William Jennings, arrived at Port Phillip from Launceston on the brig 'Swan' 21 Aug 1845. Source - Port Phillip Herald 26 Aug 1845
Willlam Jenning brickmaker South Yarra, Source - 1847 Directory
Jennings and Playne Partnership Mount Macedon Melbourne, source 1841 Kerr's Almanac transcribed by Lenore Frost
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