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The march of Civilisation
Came to Port Phillip in 1844
Arrivals in 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849,

They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1844

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ref="http://proarchives.imagineering.com.au/index_search.asp?searchid=23">Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult and includes crew and maybe the paying passengers.

Jane Goudie

arrived 11 March 1844, barque 234 tons, Master Goudie, arrived 11 Mar 1844 from Glasgow 14 Nov 1843 and the Clyde. Cabin John Leech Hamilton, Henry Mariat Pearson, Steerage Messrs GD Cummin and William Manson

April 5—Sailed for Sydney: Jane Goudie, barque, 233 tons, Goudie, master for Sydney. Passengers—Cabin, Capt Howey, Dr Falloon, Mrs Mickleburgh, Messrs JM Chisholm, Dare, Cameron, Rutledge, Roach and child, Schwonbergh, Innes, and Lillie; nine adults and three children in steerage.
Arrived in Sydney Passengers—Mr JM Chisholm, Capt Howey, Mr Dane, Mr Cameron, Mr Rutledge, Mr John Roach and son, Mr Schwonbergh, Mrs Nickleburgh, Mr Moses, Mr D Jillie, Dr Falloon, and Mr Charles Conner, Mr G Stevens, Mrs Williams. Mr John Kennedy, Mr A Graham, Mrs Graham, two daughters and son, Miss Riley, Miss Lloyd and two Malays.
Cargo—1 case hosiery, 100 bags potatoes, 2 tierces tobacco, 2 trunks, 1 box apparel, 1 box bedding.


arrived 12 Apr 1844, ship 436 tons, Capt JB Harrison, from Liverpool 10 Dec 1843. Passengers Cabin for PP - Richard Untacke/Uniacke, William Buchanan, George Lane, Samuel Needham, and Richard Hubberson with wife and 2 daus, Mr WY Mayne and 3 boys. For Sydney James Robertson with wife, 3 daus, Mr Richard and Mrs Hibbertson and 2 daus, Robert Mann and 3 chn, Henry Mayall,

Lord Keane

departed 12 Feb 1844 for London, Master Roberts, barque, 363 tons. Passengers Cabin Mrs Postlethwaite and child, Messrs James Postlethwaite, Robert Jamieson, CH LeSoeuff, CF Spackman. Steerage to London 3 adults and 3 chn. Two slides
For Cape of Good Hope - Cabin Mr WJ Parrott, Intermediate Michael Lonnahan and J McDermott, Steerage 28 adults and 4 chn
Exports 650 bales wool, 80 tons bark, 300 bushels wheat,14 casks tallow, 2 cases specimens natural history, 1 carriage, 1 piano, 1 seraphine.

Lord William Bentinck

arrived 22 Aug 1844 barque, 443 ton barque Hill master. Departed London via Cork on 17 April 1844, taking 112 days. List in 9 pages
ship's surgeon Dr John H Brown testified that government regulations on health and cleanliness had been strictly observed and all on board had cooperated well.
Passengers Mr George Elliott aged 29, Steerage passengers Margaret Keoffe 50, John Tomkin 15, Abbott Foster 4 and Ambrose Foster aged 2.
Passengers employed during the voyage, John Hipwell - School Master, Joseph Cannon - Hospital Assistant, and Constables - Joseph West, Philip Young and William Holder
Crew - John H Brown Surgeon, Master Alfred Sainthill, Chief Mate Alfred M Sainhill, 2nd Mate Charles Newbolt, Pursers Steward or 3rd Mate John McInman. Richard Perry Boatswain, James Gurard Carpenter, Richard Ashby Steward, Francis Haming Cook, Thomas Johnston Carpenter's Mate, Mathew Grave Sailmaker, Elijah Baid Emigrants Cook, Peter Biece, Samuel Burnet, James Carlten, George Fisher, William Game, Edward Harrington, S Jones, John Patterson, Francis Russell, Samuel Smith and Samuel Winchester Seaman

Brown Esq surgeon reported Catherine Ryan had a daughter 6 July. John Weaver aged 1 died 19 May, Jane Sandercock aged 2 died 8 June, Alice Foster 11 months died 9 July, Johanna Murphy aged 8 died 10 July, Eliza Walton aged 15 months died 21 July, Priscilla/Jervis Angus aged 18 months died 18 August, Maria Field aged 2 died 22 August.
39 families consisting of 155 souls, 37 single males, 24 single women, 33 boys and 29 girls aged 1-14, 6 boys and 9 girls under a year. Total 216 landed.
The "Lord William Bentinck" was constructed of wood in 1828 at Yarmouth England. Its hull was sheathed in metal and resored in 1823. Its home port was London. - Lloyds Register 1844

From 'Perilous Journeys' by Michael Cannon, page 118, the ship's surgeon Dr John H Brown, reported 7 small children died of croup and 'intestinal disease', including Lewis Argus aged 3.

"The Somerset Years", by Florence Chuk, page 73 begins a chapter on the Lord William Bentinck, including a description of the voyage.
Noah Francis 22, son of Ann and Joseph Francis was baptised 17 Mar 1822 at Horsington. He went to work for Thomas Chirnside as a general servant
Charles Vigor 23 left the ship with his own resources. He wed 23 Jan 1845 to Mary Hillis at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Geelong. They revisited Somerset and came back 1853 on the Lady Flora to set up a Grocery STore in North Geelong. Mary died 4 Oct 1857, leaving several small children. From New Zealand site - Lord William Bentinck.
This barque made four voyages to New Zealand with passengers and cargo. Her first appearance was at Wellington in 1841, as described in the story of Wellington Province; and her second voyage was to Auckland in 1850, when, under Captain Allan; she brought out a good number of passengers, including 48 sappers and miners and four gunners of the Royal Artillery, with women and children. The barque, a vessel of 444 tons, sailed from the Downs on March 26th, and reached Auckland on August 26th, 1850, being then 153 days from the Downs. After landing her passengers and a portion of her cargo, the vessel sailed for Wellington.
The following year the Lord William Bentinck, under Captain Edward Canney, made a second voyage to Auckland. She sailed from the Docks on the 11th, and from Plymouth, where she took on board 40 passengers, on the 14th August, reaching Auckland on the 12th December, 1851.
In 1852 the barque arrived at New Plymouth on the 6th January (main port, west coast of North Island of New Zealand).

From on Monday, 5 January, 2009

Indeed Elizabeth,
It took me a long time to find where Bentinck CANNEY was born but eventually I found the birth announcement in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 18th April 1853...
" On board ship Lord William Bentinck, lying at Circular Quay, on the 14th instant, Mrs Canney of a son".
I can only guess that the fact he was born on ship is why his birth was not recorded, it was certainly not recorded in the UK in any public record later (that I can find).
Census records later and family wills confirm this information but this is the only information as to an actual date of birth I have ever found, entirely by luck.

Mary Lloyd

March 1844 The barque Mary Lloyd had cleared for Liverpool. Passengers — Mrs Hill, Mrs Sheerer, Mr Besnard, John Bolster, John Sawyer, and John Miller. Cargo—731 bales wool, 99 casks tallow, 37 firkins butter, 35 tons mimosa bark, 250 gunny bags, 291 hides.

26 Mar 1844 clearing for Liverpool with Mrs Hill, Mrs Sheever, Mr Besnard, John Bolster, John Sawyer and John Miller. Cargo 731 bales of wool, 99 casks of tallow, etc

Mary White

arrived 19 October, 1844, barque, 329 tons, Walker master, arrived 19 Oct 1844 from Liverpool 21 May 1844 via Sydney 9 Oct 1844
Passengers — Right Rev Dr Francis Murphy, Rev Messrs Michael Ryan and Paul Cotterell, Miss Skelly, Messrs Phillip O Lackey, L Coyle/Kayle and C Slidey. Steerage Arthur Martin, Peter Welch, Mr and Mrs Kelly, Mr and Mrs Ford with 2 chn, Mr and Mrs James with 2 chn.
Departed 29 Oct 1844 for Adelaide


arrived 14 Feb 1844, barque 389 tons arrived 14 Feb 1844 from Leith 14 Oct 1843 via St Jago, Captain Purdie.
Passengers Cabin Dr Bryce, George Turnbull, Phillip Turnbull, Mrs Turnbull with Miss C, E and J and son P Turnbull, Intermediate Mr Adam Cwarford. Steerage Mr T Cavenhill
For Sydney Mr E Limerick, Mrs and 3 chn, departed 1 Mar 1844 for Sydney


arrived 8 Jan 1844 barque Wycherly master from London to Geelong 1 Passengers Cabin, James Cain Esq (returning after an absence of 8 months), Mr Arthur R Noyes. Intermediate George Seath, wife and 2 chn, John Roll/Ross, 5 in steerage. James Cain Agent April 4—Cleared: Platina, barque, for London. Passengers—Cabin, Lieut Ross, and six children; steerage, Miss Askum, John Waland, John Henderson, Thomas Rosken, JC McArthur, and John Jones. Cargo—498 bales wool, 178 tons mimosa bark, and 21 casks tallow.


arrived 21 Dec 1844, barque notes from London to Port Phillip 1844 [Dec 21] Captain Charles Ferguson Master of the Rajah
The Rajah sailed on the 10th of January 1844 from Geelong carrying 12 passengers including Lt Gov. Franklin, 1287 bales of wool and one bale of sheepskins. The Rajah arrived in St Helen on the 28th of March, and then arrived in London in on the 8th of June 1844. Soon after, the Rajah sailed again on the 21st of August from London to Port Phillip with 13 passengers, 3 steerage & cargo, and then arrived in Port Phillip on the 21st of December 1844.


brig notes from London to Port Phillip 1844 [Oct 30] Oct 30—Reward, brig, 279 tons, Salmon, master, from London, 17th July and Isle of Wight 20th. Passengers—Messrs Dana and Lloyd.

Royal Consort

arrived 18 Feb 1844 ship Captain James Legg, from London and Cork, to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] 1844 [Feb 18] Bounty passengers List in 9 pages
Cargo included 857 bars of iron for Charles Twogood
Crew included James McAlister Surgeon Superintendent, Thomas Bruckworth, Abraham Hodgkinson, John Manning and Edmund Wilkinson.
Passengers not on Bounty lists appear to be George Birchfield, James Bucklamb, C W Byerly, James Davis, James Mcankland, J B Parker,
Ellen Dutton, Honoria Henly, Miss Pykes, Mary Syntey
Port Phillip Herald 23 Feb 1844 records arrival of 35 married men, 30 single men and 34 single women in excellent health and available for work
Perilous Journeys page 115, Royal Consort brought 148 migrants from London and Cork, only two adults dying from Cholea during the voyage.

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