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The march of Civilisation
Victoria before 1848

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Surnames - List
Arrivals in 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848,
voyage of the Georgiana 1841 recounted by the Surgeon Superintendent,

They came by the Intrinsic - Assisted Immigrants who arrived 1841

Passenger lists - NSW lists as families or singles, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.
Some are not on both lists, people slip between the lists - Vic includes crew and maybe the paying passengers.
Intrinsic ship from Liverpool on 10 June to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] 7 Oct 1841. Importer Mr AB Smith of Sydney, a trip lasting 129 days. Sadly, of the 7 infants born on the voyage, only one was still alive when they reached land.

The 500 ton Ship Intrinsic arrived with bounty passengers, including some from Galway in Ireland
Bounty ships were inspected on arrival to determine whether the company which had sent the ship deserved its full Bounty price per immigrant. For the "Intrinsic", the report was very satisfactory (this wasn't always the case!) and said that 'the immigrants in question came to the Colony in excellent health and express themselves perfectly satisfied with the treatment they experienced during the voyage' and 'the testimonial of character of the immigrants' having been carefully examined and their 'trades, ages, etc' having been shown to be correct, 'Messrs AB Smith & Co' were deemed 'entitled to receive the sum of 3589 Pounds'.
And the officers received a gratuity calculated at so much for each immigrant - the Surgeon Superintendent at 10/6 per head, the Master 3/8, the 1st Mate 1/6, and the 2nd and 3rd Mates 1/0 per head.
Deaths - Daniel Bradley 2m, Charlotte Brownhill 10m, Elizabeth Robison 3m, Isabella Burns 2m, Pat Garrety's dau aged 3 days, Mary McKendy 21 of fever and also her daughter aged 4 days. Only Charlotte Brownhill's sister Ann was born on board and reached Port Phillip

184 souls in families, 41 unmarried males and 27 unmarried females, total 282 souls, aged from newborn Ann Brownbill to Ann and Wiliam Mclean both aged 39.
96 were under 15 years. Girls aged 15 are listed with the Unmarried females - the number of unmarried males in excess sometimes meant the bounty was refused, so in this case several sons are listed in their family groups.
The youngest married couple is Sarah and John Priss both aged 19.
Mary and James Welsh have 9 chn aged 1 to 18, Ann and William McLean have 8, as does Catherine and Daniel Fitzpatrick (she appears to be second wife), Mary and John Hennery have 7 chn.
Capt J Davidson - Captain
Wm Johnson - Crew
Richd Salisbury - Crew
Adam Wills - Crew
Robt Surg Supt Lynnet - Doctor

James Anderson 36 hus, ?, RC, both, Maria Anderson 28 wife of James, Farm serv, prot, both, Mary Anderson 12, Igrasa Anderson 6, Jane Anderson 4, James Anderson 1,
Thomas Anderson 23 hus, Labourer, Protestant, both, Wife With Anderson 22 wife of Thomas, Farm serv, prot,both
George Berry 26, Labourer, Protestant, both
Andrew Boyd 18, Labourer, Protestant, both
Jeremiah Bradley 28 hus, Labourer, RC, both, Catherine Bradley 28 wife of Jeremiah, Farm serv, prot,both, John Bradley 6, Bridget Bradley 4, Dennis Bradley 3, Daniel Bradley 0, Born on board, died aged 3 months
James Brown 35 hus, Carpenter, Protestant, both, Mary Brown 23 wife of James, House maid, Richard Brown 3, Mary Ann Brown 0,
Mary Brown 21, Housemaid, RC, neither
Catherine Brown 20, Housemaid, RC, neither
Michael Brown 18, Carpenter, RC, neither
Catherine Brown 16, Housemaid, RC, neither
Richard Browne 38 hus, Labourer, RC, both, Mary Browne 36 wife of Richard, Richard Browne 16, Jastlin Browne 12, Thomas Browne 9, William Browne 7,
George Brownhill 23 hus, Wheelwright, prot, both, Ann Brownhill 21 wife of George, House maid, Charlotte Brownhill 0, aged 10 months, Ann Brownhill 0, Born on board, survived
George Burns 37 hus, Coachman, RC, both, Isabella Burns 31 wife of George, Farm servant, RC, both, Jane Burns 8, Mary Burns 7, Eliza Burns 4, Sarah Burns 1, Isabella Burns 0, Born on board, died aged 2 months
John Cairie 38 hus, Labourer, Prot, neither, Mary Cairie 32 wife of John, House servant, prot, neither, Jane Cairie 14, William Cairie 12, Ellen Cairie 8, Francis Cairie 1,
Mary Campbell 16, Housemaid, Prot, reads
Honora Clock / Clover 24, Dairy maid, RC, neither
Patrick Connor 20, Groom, RC, neither
Catherine Conway 24, Housemaid, RC, both
Bridget Conway 22, Housemaid, RC, neither
William Coulter 20, Shoemaker. Prot, both
Ralph Croft 21, Carpenter, Protestant, both
Michael Croop 24, Carpenter, RC, both
Johanna Croop 26, Housemaid, RC, neither
Mary Davidson 21, Housemaid, RC, both
John Devon 23, Labourer, RC, both
Grace Donnelly 20, Housemaid, RC, both
William Evans 24, Carpenter, RC, both
Daniel Fitzpatrick 37 hus, Labourer, RC, neither, Catherine Fitzpatrick 30 wife of Daniel, Ann Fitzpatrick 15, Nurse maid, RC, reads, Mary Fitzpatrick 12, Sarah Fitzpatrick 10, John Fitzpatrick 7, Michael Fitzpatrick 5, Catherine Fitzpatrick 4, William Fitzpatrick 3, Lucy Fitzpatrick 0,
Thomas Fitzpatrick 21, Labourer, RC, Neither
Dennis Fitzpatrick 18, Labourer, RC, Neither
John Foster 33 hus, Labourer, prot, neither, Mary Foster 33 wife of John, Housemaid, prot, neither, Thomas Foster 7, John Foster 6,
Thomas Fulton 28 hus, Labourer, RC, neither, Catherine Fulton 21 wife of Thomas, Mary Ann Fulton 1,
Sarah Gass 15, Nurse maid, RC, neither
Ellen Glyron 18, Nurse maid, RC, neither
Timothy Golloghor 34 hus, Blacksmith, RC, both, Mary Golloghor 32 wife of Timothy, Mary Golloghor 10, Catherine Golloghor 8, Ellen Golloghor 4,
Patrick Garraty / Graghty 25 hus, Labourer, RC, neither, Sabina Graghty 23 wife of Patrick, Servant, RC, neither, John Graghty 3, Dau Graghty 0, Born on board, died aged 3 days
Eliza Graham 20, Housemaid, Prot, reads
John Green 23, Labourer, Protestant, both
Mary Gyan 22, Housemaid, RC, reads
William Halfpenny 26, Labourer, Prot, both
Joseph Hall 26 hus, Labourer, RC, neither, Fanny Hall 24 wife of Joseph, Housemaid, RC, neither, Mary Ann Hall 7,
Thomas Halliqua 18, Labourer, RC, both
James Hare 27, Carpenter, Prot, both
Peter Hasson 28, Labourer, RC, both
Augustus Hay 26 hus, Smith, RC, neither, Fanny Hay 26 wife of Augustus, Margaret Hay 7, Augustus Hay 1,
John Hennery 32 hus, Farmer Roman Catholic, not read or write, Mary Hennery 33 wife of John, Mary Hennery 14, Elizabeth Hennery 13, Catherine Hennery 10, Isabella Hennery 8, Fanny Hennery 6, Sarah Hennery 3, Caroline Hennery 0,
John Heogeny 35 hus, Labourer, Rcatholic, both, Margaret Heogeny 33 wife of John, Michael Heogeny 14, Mary Heogeny 12, Edward Heogeny 8, Margaret Heogeny 3,
James Higgins 20 hus, Carpenter, RC, both, Ellen Higgins 20 wife of James, Margarete Higgins 0,
William Jackson 27 hus, Farm servant, Protestant, both, Jane Jackson 28 wife of William, House servant, William Jackson 6, Edward Jackson 3,
Joseph Jackson 25, Labourer, Protestant, both
Cook Jennings 34 hus, Mason, prot, both, Hannah Jennings 33 wife of Cooke, Housemaid, prot, both, Robert Jennings 10, Margaret Jennings 8, Samuel Jennings 6,
Edward Jones 32 hus, Farmer, Protestant, both read and write, Lucy Jones 25 wife of Edward, House maid, Elizabeth Jones 8, Mary Jones 6, Sarah Jones 0,
James Jones 28, Carpenter, Protestant, both
Margaret Jones 25, Housemaid, Prot, both
William Keanedy 18, Farm servant, prot, both
Benj Keaworthy 26 hus, Farm hand, Prot, both, Betty Keaworthy 26 wife of Benjamin, Farm hand, Prot, both, Betty Keaworthy 2,
James Keillin 25 hus, Labourer, RC, neither, Ellen Keillin 25 wife of James, housemaid, RC, neither
Ellen Keneady 19, Housemaid, Prot, both
Jane Keneady 16, Housemaid, Prot, both
James Kennedy 39 hus, Farm servant, Prot, both, Mary Kennedy 38 wife of James, Housemaid, prot, both, James Kennedy 14, Daniel Kennedy 12, Mary Kennedy 9, Jane Kennedy 7, Hannah Kennedy 4,
John Kennedy 21, Labourer, Protestant, both
Thomas Kidd 37 hus, Smith, prot. Both, Fanny Kidd 34 wife of Thomas, Housekeeper,prot, both, Fanny Kidd 0,
Pat Kilmartin 28, Farm servant, Prot, both
Philip Koghern 27, Carpenter, Prot, both
John Latter 25 hus, Labourer, Protestant, both
Catherine Latter 22 wife of John, House maid
Henry Lewis 20, Labourer, RCatholic,reads
William Little 38 hus, ?, prot, both, Mary Little 32 wife of William, Farm servant, Protboth, Mary Little 7, Jemima Little 4, William Little 2,
John Macord 27 hus, Farm servant, Protestant, both, Rosa Macord 19 wife of John, Dairy maid, do, do
Jane Mccaboy 25, Housemaid, Prot, both
Ann Mccaboy 22, Housemaid, Prot, both
Robert Mccord 25, Farm servant, Protestant, reads
James Mccord 21, Carpenter, Protestant, both
John Mckendry 23 hus, Labourer, RC, both, Mary Mckendry 21 wife of John, died, Dau Mckendry 0, born and Died
Alexander Mckinnon 20, Labourer, Protestant, both
William Mclean 39 hus, ?, Prot, both, Ann Mclean 39 wife of William, Housekeeper,prot, both, Agnes Mclean 18, Housemaid, Prot, both, John Mclean 16, Labourer, prot, both, Isabella Mclean 15, Nurse maid, RC, both, Alexander Mclean 12, William Mclean 10, Ann Mclean 7, Margaret Mclean 4, Jane Mclean 1,
James Mcletter 18, Shepherd, Protestant, both
John Mclufferty 32 hus, Farmhand, Prot, both, Margaret Mclufferty 27 wife of John, Housemaid, prot, both, Thomas Mclufferty 2,
Mary Mcmaster 21, Housemaid, Prot, both
Ellen Melony 20, Housemaid, Prot, reads
John Molloy 28 hus, Labourer, RC, neither, Johanna Molloy 24 wife of John, housemaid, RC, neither, Dennis Molloy 2,
Lawrence Okief 25, Labourer, Prot, neither
Richard Poach 23 hus, Mason, RC, neither, Catherine Poach 25 wife of Richard, housemaid, RC, neither, James Poach 2,
John Priss 19 hus, Labourer, prot, both, Sarah Priss 19 wife of John, Dairymaid, prot, both
Margarete Purcell 23, Housemaid, RC, both
Samuel Robertson 25, Carpenter, Prot, both
John Robinson 29 hus, Labourer, Prot, both, Ann Robinson 27 wife of John, House servant, Prot, both, Ellen Robinson 2, Elizabeth Robinson 0, Born on board, died aged 3 weeks
Thomas Rogers 36 hus, Labourer, Prot, both, Elizabeth Rogers 38 wife of Thomas, Houseservant, prot, both, Robert Rogers 14, Jane Rogers 12, Isabella Rogers 10, Michalas Rogers 7, John Rogers 3,
Edward Ryan 29 hus, Labourer,RC, neither, Margaret Ryan 28 wife of Edward, housemaid, RC, neither, Daniel Ryan 7, Johanna Ryan 4, Corneleas Ryan 2,
Michael Ryan 22, Labourer, RC, neither
Patrick Savin 24, Labourer. Prot. Both
David Short 28, Mason. Prot. Both
Mary Shroden 22, Housemaid, Prot, both
Thomas Skillin 36 hus, Carpenter, Prot, both, Jannet Skillin 36 wife of Thomas, Thomas Skillin 10,
Jonas Smith 24 hus, Wheelwright, prot, both, Ann Smith 23 wife of Jonas, Margaret Smith 5, Fanny Smith 2,
Stewart Smithramadge 23, Labourer, Protestant, both
John Stounson 30 hus, Labourer, RC, both, Bridget Stounson 28 wife of John, Bridget Stounson 9, William Stounson 7, Mary Stounson 5, Judy Stounson 2,
Hecter Tighe 24, Farm servant, RC, both
John Tighe 26, Farm servant, RC, both
James Tiram 23, Farm servant, Prot, both
William Wall 29, Farm servant, RC, both
James Walsh 21, Farm servant, RC, both
James Welsh 38 hus, Farm servant, RC, neither, Mary Welsh 36 wife of James, houseservant, Rc, neither, John Welsh 18, Labourer, RC, neither, Thomas Welsh 17, House servant, RC, neither, Honora Welsh 16, Nurse maid, RC, both, William Welsh 15, Ann Welsh 12, Eliza Welsh 9, Francis Welsh 6, Patrick Welsh 4, Bridget Welsh 1,
Thomas Welsh 22 hus, Smith, prot. Both, Rosa Welsh 23 wife of Thomas,
Henry Winrow 25, Smith, prot, both
Andrew Wood 27, Labourer. Prot. Both

Arrivals in 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848,
voyage of the Georgiana 1841 recounted by the Surgeon Superintendent,
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Victorian Pioneer families
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