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The march of Civilisation
Ships that came to Port Phillip in 1840
Arrivals by each Month - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,

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Source - the Port Phillip Herald, in 2008 available on PaperofRecord site, has been purchased by Google, and is now on Vital Records, which costs to use. Dec 2009

3rd Jan -

Arrived 31 Dec -
schooner, 65 tons, Captain Edward Bishop from Launceston. Passengers Messrs Brown and McGhee. Imports 1 case slops, 1 case hats, 1 case caps, 2 bales blankets, S Benjamin; 2 cases chemicals McCabe & Co; 13,000 feet timber, 15,000 shingles, 1 dray, 2 carts R Reeves.
Sailed - 30 Dec -
, barque, 224 tons, for Launceston. Passengers The Rev De Jeffries Archdeacon of Bombay, and the Rev W Simpson, Wesleyan Missionary
Sailed - 2 Jan -
, ship 610 tons, Captian Mollison, for Sydney see Westminster page
Sailed - 2 Jan -
, schooner for Launceston, in ballast
Exports - 2 Jan -
, schooner, 88 tons, John Smith master, 200 sheep.

7th Jan -

Arrived - 3 Jan -
, schooner, 123 tons, Captain John Archer, from Launceston on 23 Dec. Cargo, sundries, passengers Cabin Messrs R, N and J Murdoch, Adams, Healy, Jones, Pegg. Imports British and Colonial goods, 16 horses, 20 bushels oats, Murdock.
Arrived - 6 Jan -
, brig, 107 tons, Captain Ruffle, from Launceston Dec 30. Cargo, sundries. Passengers Captain Thomas Ritchie, FD Wickham Esq., Mr Jackson, Mr William Dartnell, Mr Russell, Mr Thomas Strode, William Rains, P Carocan, Sarah Carocan, Owen Carrons, Charles Cropper, Phillip Pembroke, wife and 2 chn, William Wignell, B Henniker and W Manning. Imports 6 bullocks, 3 horses, Russell and Dartnell, 33 packages furniture, Jackson, 65 sacks oats, bulls, 5,000 feet timber, 9,000 shingles, 20 casks lime, 1 mare and her foal, 1 horse, 3 packets hops, 4 casks porter, 2 kegs ironmongery, 2 casks perry, 1 cask sugar, Order. Gem The Henry reported a large barque is aground near the heads, heavy gales prevented communication
Arrived - 6 Jan -
, schooner, 26 tons, Captain R Bell, from Launceston 28 Dec, Cargo, sundries. Passengers Mrs and Miss Rodgers, John and James Smith, Peter Cochran, Mrs Mary Cochran, Mrs Kelly and 2 chn, James Thompson, Hugh Marm. Imports
Sailed - 4 Jan -
, schooner, 55 tons, Captain Griffiths for Hobart, passengers none. Export 20 bales wool
Portland Bay - the Minerva, property of Messrs henty & Co., has gone to pieces. The Captain arrived at Launceston on 27 Dec by the cutter Mary, from Portland Bay. The Minerva was only partly insured
Williamstown - the
, with cattle for Launceston, has lain wind-bound for some days and not likely to sail for several days. Four hot days 94, 95, 92, 91 and yesterday 63 degrees. Export 20 head cattle, 1 case slops, 1 case apparel, 1 case ironmongery, 1 bundle spades.
On Wed 1 Jan a small schooner belonging to Mr Murray of Melb, with 2 men aboard, got capsised in Hobson's Hasby near the Bright Planet, and the Second Mate Mr Hutchins and some of the crew managed to rescue them. The vessel sank with her masts just visible above water.
, brig, 200 tons burthen, AI at Lloyds, GP Stenins commander, open for freight, including stock, has superior accommodation for passengers, avaiable for Hobart or Adelaide
, barque, John Roberts commander, now expected from Sydney, for frieght or passage to Launceston apply to W Langhorne and C0, Williams Town and Melbourne

Fri 10th Jan -

During the thunderstorm on 5 Jan, lightning struck the barque Earl Stanway, shivered the fore-top-gallant mast, knocked off the battens and made its escape through the hawse-hole.
Arrived - 7 Jan -
barque, 505 tons, Captain Roberts from Sydney 29 Dec,
The barque reported aground proved to be the Indemnity, she succeeded in getting clear after a few hours (tide came up).
Arrived - 9 Jan -
Captain Dryden, from Launceston last Monday, with sundries.
Sailed - 8 Jan -
Captain Bull, for Launceston
Mail closes at noon and the
Bright Planet
will positively sail for Sydney Saturday 11 Jan at day break. Passengers to go by this opportunity Messrs Donnithorne, Donaldson, Ebden, Atherton, Woolley, Yuille, Urquhart, Severne, Jeffries, Cropper, Milner and Bailey, and five in the Steerage
which left this port on 15 Dec has not been reported as arrived in Hobart, up to 2 Jan.

Tuesday 14th Jan -

Arrived - 10 Jan -
schooner, 45 tons, William Powell master, from Launceston 3 Jan, Cargo, sundries, Passengers John C Campbell Esq., Mr Frederick Hobson, Mr Isaac Haynes, Thomas Johnson, John Donnelly, William Hopwood, Edward Tomlins, Charles Collins, Mary Puller
Imports 11,869 feet timber, 32 bags bran, 8500 shingles, 1600 broad paling, Order; 1 bullock dray, J Gray; 1 spring cart, JJ Peers, 18000 shingles, 1 chest drawers, Order; 1 wheat screen, 3 sieves, F Pittman; 1000 feet timber, 1 bag sugar, P Whealan;
Arrived - 10 Jan -
cutter, 35 tons, Henry Barrett master, from Hobart Town 31 Dec. Cargo, sundries, Passengers Mr D Macpherson, Mr J Andrews, Mr Bird, Mr Grady and James Gowan.
Imports 5000 feet timber, 30,000 shingles and laths, 15- feet stone, 1000 feet cedar, 10 packets furniture, 4 carts, 2 tons lime, 5 packages baskets, 1 case preserves, 1 package furniture, 9 wine baskets, 1 case corrosive sublimate, Order
Arrived - 10 Jan -
schooner 61 tons, Peter Patterson master, from Hobart 31 Dec, Cargo, sundries, Passengers HG Wallis, Andrew Halpine, wife and 6 chn
Imports long list includes 74 bags sugar, 3 cases mustard, 1 case shoes, 8 wheels, 4 axles, ... 5 packages drugs, 4 porkets hops, 12 cases varnish, 10 cases wine, 351 boards, 8 tons hay, Order.
Arrived - 13 Jan -
schooner from Launceston on Thurs last
Sailed - 13 Jan -
Bright Planet
barque 180 tons Captain Lawler, for Sydney. Passengers Messrs Donnithorne, Donaldson, Ebden, Atherton, Woolley, Yuille, Urquhart, Severn, Jeffries, Cropper, Milner and Bailey, and five in the Steerage
Exports 88 bales wool, 1 cask bath brick, 160 bags rice, 22 cases sherry wine, 10 tons rock salt, 1 case hats
Sailed - 13 Jan -
Paul Pry
schooner, 56 tons, Captain Harding, for Launceston. Passengers Captain Hunter, Thomas Jennings, Charles Peters
Exports 1 tierce hardware, 4 bales hardware, 1 case hardware, 11 baga bags
Sailed - 13 Jan -
schooner, 35 tons, Captain Fraser, for Hobart Town. Passengers Messrs F Wigan, Wade, Moses and Habe
Exports 27 hogsheads porter, 50 barrels pork, 70 bags flour, 1 case hats, 1 case penny biscuit, 1 bale prints, 1 bag allspice, 1 case saddlery, 1 bag, 1 bale cloth, 4 cases cordials, 1 box sundries, 181 sheep.
Sailed - 13 Jan -
brig, 260 tons, Captain Gardiner, for Hobart Town. Passengers Messrs Staples and Gerrand
Exports 500 sheep
Sailed - 13 Jan -
ship, 500 tons, Captain Lamb, for Geelong to take in wool.

Fri 17th Jan -

Arrived - 13 Jan -
schooner, 13 tons, G Grayling master, from Launceston 7 Jan, cargo, sundries, Passengers Thomas Taylor and Edward Elliott
Imports 1300 feet sawn timber, 3000 feet paling, 1/2 ton potatoes, 1 dray
Arrived - 14 Jan -
cutter, 15 tons, Thomas Downes from Launceston 31 Dec, cargo, sundries
Imports 387 flooring boards, 277 weather boards, 584 battons, 2000 shingles, for W Witton
Arrived - 15 Jan -
barque 284 tons C Bayley master, from Launceston 11 Jan, cargo 1400 sheep. Passengers Mr W Forlonge, Thomas Ankin, Thomas Curran, Mr Thomas H Bettrey
Sailed - 14 Jan -
brig, 107 tons, Ruffle, master, for Launceston with sundries. Passengers Captain Ritchie, Dr Watson, M Johnson
Exports - 3 pockets hops, 2 casks porter
Sailed - 16 Jan -
barque 284 tons, Charley Bayley for Launceston, in ballast
The Wallaby reports having seen the brig William, Captain Thom, ashore in the Launceston River
Vessels in the Harbour Fri 17th Jan
- Carolina (brig) 200 tons, Captain Steains, for Sydney
- Earl Stanhope (ship) 550 tons Captain Tully, loading for New Zealand
- Elizabeth (schooner) Stiles master for Portland
- Enterprise (schooner) 55 tons, Captain Bishop, from Launceston
- Essington (schooner) 123 tons, Captain Archer from Launceston
- Gem (schooner) 26 tons, R Bell master, for Hobart Town this day
- Hind (schooner) 13 tons G Grayling master, just arrived from Hobart
- Indemnity (barque) 305 tons Captain Roberts, just arrived from Sydney
- James (barque) Captain Todd, loading for London
- Lucy (cutter) from Launceston
- Magnet (barque) 300 tons Captain Mann loading for London
- Thomas (cutter) 15 tons, T Downs master, from Launceston
- Truganina (schooner) 61 tons, Patterson master, from Hobart Town
at Geelong - Alice Brooks (barque) 250 tons Captain D Scott, loading for London
at Geelong - Hindostan (ship) 500 tons, Captain Lawler, loading for London

Tuesday 21th Jan -

Arrived - 19 Jan -
Lord Hobart
brig, 160 tons, Nichols master, from Launceston 14 Jan, cargo sheep, Passengers in the steerage William Charlton, James Walker, James Pratt
Sailed - 19 Jan -
schooner, 45 tons, W Conell, master for Launceston. Passengers Messrs John Gibson, John E Stretton, John Jones, Peter Woodward, John Patterson, John Daley, Isaac Scotchinere and Henry O'Neil
Sailed - 21 Jan -
brig, 200 tons, Steains master, for Sydney. Passengers George Porter Esq., H Matson Esq., Mr Urquhart, Rev W Hamilton and Lady, Messrs Graham and John Sword. Steerage W Harrison, W McMillan, F Harrington, RP Solomon, Robert Henry, Shanahan and Daypter
Sailed - 21 Jan -
Lord Hobart
brig, 160 tons, Captain Nicholls for Launceston in ballast, no passengers.
Captain Nichols of the Lord Hobart brought news that a chest belonging to Captain Gluns of the Britomart, containing the ship's register, clothes and bills to value about 1500 pounds, near to parts of a longboat also belonging to the same vessel, on Preservation Island. No sign was found of the crew or passengers. Indemnity 21 Jan
lost - the
left Melbourne for Hobart Town on 16 Dec 1839, with passengers Messrs Gatehouse, Watt, Glass, Ratcliffe and several in the steerage

Friday 24th Jan -

Arrived - 22 Jan -
John Bull
see John Bull page, where I have included a copy of the imports she brought.
Arrived - 22 Jan -
see Madras page, where I have included a copy of the passenger list and imports she brought.
On 28 Jan, George James in Elizabeth St, has advertised for sale, very superior Port wine, Sherry, Taylor's Pale Ale ex Madras.
Sailed - 21 Jan -
schooner, 76 tons, P Patterson master, for Hobart in ballast
Sailed - 21 Jan -
barque 305 tons, Roberts master, for Hobart in ballast, with exports - see Indemnity page
Sailed - 24 Jan -
cutter, 15 tons, C Berry master, for Western Port in ballast

28th Jan -

Returned - 26 Jan -
put back to Williams Town through stress of weather. She reports the Indemnity and Lord Hobart had been aground on the north-west bank near the heads. The Enterprise and Indemnity for Launceston, and the Lord Hobart for Hobart Town, are wind-bound at the Heads
Arrived - 26 Jan -
barque, 284 tons, Charles Bayler master, from George Town 24 Jan. Passengers (steerage) Samuel Fleming, James Curtain and John Oliver. Arthur Willis and Co, Agents, Imports 150 sheep for Forlonge
Arrived - 26 Jan -
schooner, 97 tons, G Watson master, from Sydney 12 Jan. Passengers Cabin Mr and Mrs David Chambers, Captain Fotheringham, Messrs Taylor, Arthur, Easy, Adamson, Rowland, and Dr Imlay. Captain Roach Agent. Imports items for Chisholm, Strachan & Co, HW Mason, J Hind & Co, T Wills, D Dole, A Willis & Co, S Craig, R Fletcher, T Taylor, Campbell & Woolley, A Fotheringham, H Ley,
Arrived - 26 Jan -
schooner, 95 tons, WE Smith master, from Hobart Town 16 Jan, Passengers cabin Messrs J and JH Deane, A and E Kemp, Jolly, Keoch, and W Robertson, Arthur Willis &Co Agent. Imports a long list including 3 drays, 1 case muskets, 4 kegs gunpowder, 1 case sheep ointment, 6 bales sheepnetting, 3 carts, harness and tent, 15 boxes soap, 6 tons flour, 3 tons sugar, 3 chests tea, 1 ton salt, 1 package saws,
Arrived - 26 Jan -
schooner, 48 tons, George Watts master, from Hobart 14 Jan. Passengers Pollard, EM Sayers agent. Imports 10,000 feet timber, 50,000 shingles, 3 cases, 2 baskets and 2 barrels preserved fruits, 1 case slops, 2 cases hats, 4 bundles shingles, 252 boards, 1 chest groceries, 1 coil rope.
Arrived - 26 Jan -
Captain Bell, arrived last night from Launceston.
Searching for the
owned by Captain Fotheringham, now overdue, no trace of it was found.
, new owner Mr Moore of Moores's wharf

Friday 31st Jan -

Arrived - 28 Jan -
barque 152 tons, Cowton master, from Launceston 21 Jan via Geelong. Passengers Cabin - Charles McLachlan Esq., Lieut TM Airey, Messrs John Dibble, Angus Kennedy, CH Nicholson, Steerage - Thomas Bird, John Day, James Elliott, Dreglmene Morrison, William Holt. The Soctares left at Geelong Mr John Smith, Mrs Smith and 3 chn, Mr Henry Allan, Mr John Handcock, William Duncan, John Coulston, Benjamin Atkins, Henry Gibbons, Lewis Lynch, Henry Loughtman
Imports 12 bags flour, 900 sheep, 6 horses, 10 head cattle, 1 chest tea, 6 bags sugar, 1 keg tobacco
Arrived - 28 Jan -
schooner 117 tons, Captain Ball from Launceston 16 Jan, Passengers Cabin Mr and Mrs John Harrison and 2 chn, MessrsJames Gibbon, Alfred H Bates, Hodgkinson, Falkner, Mrs Bell, Steerage William Duncan.
Imports 200 sheep, 4 bullocks, 15 horses, 2 drays, 13 bags oats, 10 bags bran, 2 bags flour, 1 chest tea.
Arrived - 28 Jan -
barque 247 tons, Captain Barel, from Hokianga, New Zealand 10 Jan
Arrived - 29 Jan -
a flat-bottomed barge of 45 tons bruthen, McMillan master, from Sydney 18 Jan, made the passage from Sydney in 11 days, with five detained by adverse winds in Twofold Bay. On Sunday 26 at night she was nearly run down by a large barque also going to the southward. The Melbourne is the property of WH Dutton Esq., and is intended to ply as a lighter between Williams Town and Melbourne.
Sailed - 29 Jan -
barque 152 tons, Captain Cowton, for Launceston. Passengers Cabin Mr William Gould, Steerage J Johnson
Exports - 170,000 feet timber, 2 chests tea, 2 barrels Pimlien ale, 4 3/4 gross saw files, 15 doz cut-saw files, 1 tierce tobacco
Sailed - 29 Jan -
barque, 247 tons, Captain Banel for Launceston, having called here from New Zealand
Sailed - 29 Jan -
schooner 117 tons Captain Bell, for Launceston. Passenger Mrs Bell. Exports - 50 bales wool
Report -
Samuel Cunard
from Sydney for Portland Bay, with cattle, put in at George Town for hay on Saturday 25 Jan and sailed again the next day

Tuesday 4th Feb -

Arrived - 30 Jan -
Agnes and Elizabeth
schooner, 74 tons, Captain Mitchell, from Hobart 25 Jan, Passengers Cabin - Mr Brunton, Mr H Miller, Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Anderson and 6 chn, Mr P Mara. Steerage Samuel Money, Fitzpatrick, Richard McAnliffe wife and 4 chn.
Arrived - 31 Jan -
schooner 49 tons, William Lovett master, from Hobart Jan 24, with 23 steerage passengers
Agnes and Elizabeth Margaret
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