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Ships that came to Port Phillip in 1840
Arrivals by each Month - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,

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arrived 14 Dec 1840, brig, 224 tons, Capt Michael Thomas/Kames master, from Liverpool, out 94 days
Dec 14 - noted arrival of Vesper, Dec 18, import details, no passengers listed. See Vesper Bounty passengers listed for NSW
23 souls in 6 families, Mrs Lyddy died at Sea, 12 children, 2 single men and 12 single women, total bounty 540 pounds paid to AB Smith & Co
Passengers - Rev. J. S. Bolden, wife, 4 children and 2 servants - confusion, as the Vesper had 6 cases, 2 bales and 3 barrels belonging to Bolden. He is also listed as arriving on the Dumfries (with no imports in his name), and may have had cattle on the Orient, all of which arrived in Port Phillip the same time, as did the Midlothian and the Anne, both from Leith

Vesper Vesper came maybe with 1 family as Cabin passengers
Bounty of 23 in 6 families, and 2 men and 13 women in the steerage
Robert Andrews 28, Butler from Donegal with Susan 30 and B Allan 5
Gerard Derby 25, Ag Lab from Donegal with Sarah 26, Elizabeth 5, John 3, Jane 1
Edward Edgar 36, Glazier from Armagh with Catherine 37, Theresa 7, Margaret 5, Catherine 3 and Jane 1
Stephen England 21 Cabinet maker from Manchester with Mary 27
Thomas Lynnot/Symiot 36, Ag Lab from Wexford with Jane 31, Bridget 6, Patrick 4, Mary 1
James Lyddy 31, Bookmaker from Dublin with James 3. Wife died
Thomas Allan/Mcallin 22, Baker and James Magin/Mayne 21, Shepherd both from Armagh
Jean Baird/Beard 25 from Monaghan, Mary Caine/Kain 21, Elizabeth Gordon 20 from Yorkshire, Margaret Mcglinn 19,
Mary Mcglinn 21, Maria Maguire 19, Susan Mcahey/Mccaughey 20, Mary Mains/Maines 18, Margaret Mckernon 20,
Jane Mcadden/Mckadden 18, Mary Mcanulty 20 (list comments - name doubtful), Anne Mckernon 22, all from Tyrone unless shown otherwise, Mary Patterson 27.


Sailed 17-Feb Victoria cutter 12 tons, W Stevens master, for Western Port
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Weds 12 Aug 1840,
Report 18-Sep Victoria Mr H Moore has disposed of his three vessels engaged in the Port Phillip trade the Jewess, Victoria and Bright Planet. We are given to understand they were exchanged for the whaler Jessie and cargo to arrive.


Arrived 15-Jan Wallaby barque 284 tons Captain C Bayley master, from Launceston 11 Jan, cargo 1400 sheep. Passengers Mr W Forlonge, Thomas Ankin, Thomas Curran, Mr Thomas H Bettrey
Sailed 16-Jan Wallaby barque 284 tons, Captain Charley Bayley for Launceston, in ballast. The Wallaby reports having seen the brig William, Captain Thom, ashore in the Launceston River
Arrived 26-Jan Wallaby barque, 284 tons, Charles Bayler master, from George Town 24 Jan. Passengers (steerage) Samuel Fleming, James Curtain and John Oliver. Arthur Willis and Co, Agents, Imports 150 sheep for Forlonge
Arrived 12-Feb Wallaby barque 284 tons, Captain Bayley, from Launceston 9 Feb, Passengers cabin Messrs Mason, Somerfield, Shepherds, T Carron, J Murray, J Wallace and J Harrison. Imports 1700 sheep, 1 horse, A Forlonge.
Sailed 24-Feb Wallaby barque 284 tons, Cap Bayley, for Hobart Passengers Mr Birch, William Norton and John Johnson
Sailed 30-Dec Wallaby barque, 224 tons, for Launceston. Passengers The Rev De Jeffries Archdeacon of Bombay, and the Rev W Simpson, Wesleyan Missionary

Water Lilly

Arrived 23-Jul Water Lilly schooner 230 tons Captain Langdon, from London via Portsmouth on 10 March. The Water Lilly is commanded by Captain Langdon, formerly of the Perseverance, and is intended for the colonial trade
Report 18-Aug Water Lilly has been sold by Captain Cole to WH Dutton, Esq., for 4000 sovereigns worth of sheep and cattle
Sailed 20-Aug Water Lilly schooner 155 tons Captain Langdon for Launceston
Sailed 25-Aug Water Lilly schooner 177 tons Captain Langdon for Launceston Passengers Rev Dr Grange, Dr Stodart, Messrs Campbell, McDowal, Russell, Lewis and 3 in the steerage. Exports 111 demijohns gin, 11 casks fat
Arrived 28-Sep Waterlilly schooner 156 tons Captain Langdon from Launceston on 23 Sep Passengers Messrs Campbell and Churton and 3 in the steerage
Sailed 9-Oct Waterlilly schooner 155 tons Captain Roach for Sydney in ballast Passengers Mrs Roach child and 2 female servants, Mr and Mrs C Williams, Messrs S Craig, A Bolden, Bowman, Cashmore


Sailed 2-Jan Westminster ship 610 tons, Captain Mollison, for Sydney see Westminster page

Will Watch

Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Weds 16 Dec 1840, Will Watch departed from Sydney on Saturday for Port Phillip,
Arrived 21-Dec Will Watch schooner 60 tons Captain Londitt from Sydney Passengers Mr W H Nicholson, 4 prisoners of the Crown, one ticket-of-leave man, J Flannaghan. Imports 10 kegs colonial tobacco, 1 cask spirits wine, 86 logs cedar, J Roach.

William Barras

arrived 7 Feb 1840, 275 tons, Captain Norrie, from London 8 July 1839 to Adelaide 20 Dec 1839, Jan 31 still at Adelaide. Agent JB Were
Passengers from London - Mr Jacob Hagen, Mr Sungen, Mr William Charles Bond and wife
From Adelaide - Mr Huon; servants, Jerry Murphy, Henry Benson, George Rogers, John Simons, Agent JB Were
March 4, William Barras cleared out for Batavia, in ballast
William Barras William Barras William Barras

William Metcalfe

with Captain Edward Phillipson Master, See the William Metcalfe for 1839, to see a summary of her earlier voyages to Australian shores.

William Metcalfe

arrived 10 Feb 1840, ship, 445 tons Master Phillipson.
Port Phillip Herald 14 Feb has list of Passengers Dr O'Mullane, Mr and Mrs Lyon Campbell, 3 chn and 3 servants, Mr Fenwick and three Misses Fenwick (the new police magistrate at Geelong and his 3 sisters), Messrs Arrowsmith, Arundell, Brown, Ogilvie, Eyre, Campbell, Hamilton, Harvey, Kilgrove, Oliver, Thompson, Troper and 74 in the steerage from Sydney
Commercial Journal and advertiser report - printed 1 Feb 1840
Mr. & Mrs. Campbell, three children, and 3 servants; three Misses Fenwick, Messrs. Fenwick, Brown, Ogilvie, Hamilton, Eyre, Campbell, Kelgour, Arrowsmith, Oliver, Harvey, Arundell, Thompson, Troper, & O’mullane; and seventy-four in the steerage
William Metcalfe William Metcalfe William Metcalfe

William Metcalfe

on 9 March 1840 cleared Port Phillip for Madras and Calcutta in ballast
See the 1841 account, and 1839 notes bringing more Bounty immigrants to Australian shores.

William Woolley

Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 1 July 1840, William Woolley, brig, 199 tons, Captain Truscote, arrived at Sydney on Saturday last, from London on 17 Feb 1840with merchandise, passenger Mr Woolley. William Woolley arrived Port Phillip 27 Aug 1840, a brig, 199 tons, Captain Truscott master, from Sydney, cleared Monday 17 August.
Passengers are Dr Agnew with Dr Arthur O'Mullane and Colonel and Mrs Wall
Sailed 4-Sep William Woolley brig 199 tons Captain Truscott for Sydney Exports 25 cases cheese, 8 casks and 1 ton oatmeal
4 Sep cleared for Sydney, Passengers Mr and Mrs DS Campbell, Dr M'Crae, Messrs Cormack, Joseph Hawdon and John Hawdon, Lieut Cormack and Mr R Lodes
William Woolley Arrived Sydney 4 Oct, reported 7 Oct
Arrived - 17 Nov - William Woolley brig 199 tons Capt Truscott at Port Phillip from Sydney on 5 Nov passengers Mr and Mrs Campbell, Dr McCrae, Mrs Whittle and 3 in the steerage Imports
Sailed 1-Dec William Woolley brig 188 tons Captain Truscott for Sydney Passengers Messrs M Queen, Slick. Exports 20 barrels 9 hhds brandy, 8 kegs nails, 28 barrels pitch, 50 barrels 90 half-barrels tar, 3 casks hardware, 6 casks tallow.
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Weds 16 Dec 1840, William Woolley arrived in Sydney 14 Dec with Passengers Messrs Slick, Cameron, Hunt and 1 in the steerage
Woolley Aug William WoolleyWilliam Woolley Imports William Woolley WW November William Woolley

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,
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