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Ships that came to Port Phillip in 1840
Arrivals by each Month - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,

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arrived 22 Jan 1840 barque, 331 tons, Captain Henniker master, from London, at Port Phillip,
Passengers - Cabin - the Madras came with R Allan, John Blundell, Mr and Mrs Heina, Captain J Jack and son James Jacks
Mr HB Kampf, Mr WB Kampf, Mr and Mrs Legg, Mr and Mrs Lovell and infant dau, Captain T Minton and Miss Minton, Mr and Mrs Taylor,
The Madras carried an extensive list of Cargo, reported in the 'Port Phillip Herald on Friday 24th Jan.
I note there were 46 packages of parts of houses, 1 bull, 1 cow, 6 merino sheep for Captain T Minton,
On 28 Jan, George James in Elizabeth St, has advertised for sale, very superior Port wine, Sherry, Taylor's Pale Ale ex Madras.
Feb 4 Madras cleared for Launceston with part of original cargo from London.
Passengers - John Barnard or Blundell, Mr and Mrs Brown, Capt James Jack and son, Mr and Mrs Legge, Capt and Mrs Smith,
steerage - Lieut Airey, John Hazlitt.E or F Johnstone, Edward Morgan, John Barnard Phillip, Matilda Phillip, Thomas Wales, Mr and Mrs York,
Report the Madras Capt Henniker, left Port Phillip at 8am on Friday morning and anchored at the bar at Launceston at 4pm on the afternoon of the next day, a run from Port Phillip said to be unequalled.
Madras - Lloyd's Register of Shipping 1828 - ship, 321 tons, built 1827, owned by Huddleston (master) & Co., registered at Maryport, voyage Liverpool to Calcutta.
Madras - Lloyd's Register of Shipping 1840 - barque, 331 tons, built at Whitehaven in 1827, owned by J.Gordon & Co., master Capt.Henniker, registered at London.
Madras Madras Madras
Madras Lloyd's Register of Shipping 1843 - barque, 331 tons, built at Whitehaven in 1827, owned by Kitching (master) & Co., registered at London.
From Fire on the Madras" from From The Times newspaper, Weds.10th July 1844, page 6: On Monday night, about half-past eleven o'clock, the fine large bark Madras, of London, Captain W.T.Kitching, 331 tons register, was discovered to be on fire whilst lying at her moorings off the Royal Dockyard at Deptford, where she had been taking on board a miscellaneous cargo of Government stores for the island of Ascension, &c. and the vessel was scuttled to save the hull.


ship, 246 tons, Captain Mann,
In the Harbour at Port Phillip, 17 Jan 1840 Magnet (barque) 300 tons Captain Mann loading for London
Sailed 5 Mar 1840 for London. Passengers Dr Gilchrist, Messrs D Steel and Wickham. Exports 917 bales wool, 2 boxes apparel.
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Sat 5 Dec 1840,


arrived 8 June 1840 barque, 316 tons, Robert Smith the Master, from Liverpool, Hobart town and Geelong 2 June 1840 and Port Phillip 8 June.
Reported 5 June - Majestic arrived at Geelong with 40 passsengers and 50 horses on board.
Passengers Cabin - Mr and Mrs Gillern, Dr and Mrs Fowler, Messrs Austin, Bellinger, Harker, Hasker/Husker, Kennedy, McNeil, Rickard, Roberts,
Steerage - R Anderson, E Bromley, John Davidson and wife, F Henry, T Ikin and O Ikin, W Mann and wife, Mrs McGuiness and 3 chn, G Turner, B Walker wife and 3 chn.
The Imports list has items, some for passengers, including -
100 barrell ale, J Woolley; 350 boxes soap, 11 bales cottons R Willis & Co; 10 crates earthernware, L Holland; 2 cases cloth, R Whitehead; 1 bag potatoes from Tasmania for B Walker; 1 whaleboat and net, 1 wheelbarrow, Ikin; 1 tent, 1 tarpaulin, Dr Rickard; 57 bags flour, 13 bags bran, 2 gigs, Dr Fowler;
Sailed - 1 July - Majestic barque 316 tons, Capt Smith for Hobart Passengers Dr and Mrs Fowler, Messrs JF Strachan, Petrie, Storie, W ONeal, J Wakeshaw. Exports 3 barrels ale, 1 cask Constantia, 1 case books, 2 cases preservatives, 19 hhds porter
Arrived - 27 August - Majestic barque 317 tons Capt Smith from Hobart. Imports
Report - 28 August - Majestic had two young lads, articled apprentices, were proceeding from the Beach to their shio in a boat at the time carrying sail, when a sudden gust of wind upset the boat and precipitated them into the water, one of the lads was picked up by a boat, the other sunk to rise no more. Sailed 28-Sep Majestic barque 316 tons Captain Smith for Hobart Exports 263 sheep, 1 cask beef Arrived 21-Nov Majestic barque 317 tons Captain Smith from Hobart Passengers Mr and Mrs Petrie and 10 chn, Messrs Bickess, Armytage, Were, Williamson, Cook Horton and 46 in the steerage
Majestic at Geelong in harbour 12 Jan 1841, barque 366 tons Smith master loading with wool
Melbourne departed 24 Feb 1841 Majestic barque for London with full cargo of wool
and finally set sail on 6 March 1841 departed for London
Majestic in May Majestic imports Majestic in Aug Majestic Majestic in Nov Majestic


Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 22 July 1840, Mandane, Captain Murdock, departed from Sydney on Sunday last with sundries, passengers Messrs Curlewis, J and E Hammond, Boyd, Yuille, Turnbull, Allison, Talbut, Burgan, Lawrence and 21 in the steerage.
Arrived 8-Aug Mandane ship Captain Murdock from Sydney on 19 July. Imports
Sailed 5-Oct Mandane ship 361 tons Captain Murdock for Sydney Passengers Rev Mr Grange and Mr Williamson, Mr Urquhart. Exports 493 barrels flour, 7 cases sundries, 2 hhds sugar, 15 tons pig-iron, 5 hhds wine, 3 trunks, 20 chests tea.


Report from the Cape of Good Hope - the Maquasha sailed out of Table Bay on the 28 June for Van Dieman's Land.
Sydney reported Maquasha arrived 20 Oct after leaving Launceston on 7 Oct bringing wine and tobacco from South Africa, 164 bags barley, 67 bags malt, and 8 bags potatoes from Launceston.
Arrived 2-Dec Maquasha brig 152 tons Captain Taylor at Port Phillip from Hobart. Imports 110 kegs nails, 75 bags rice, 55 bales hay, 1 gig, 1 set harness, 179 bags potatoes, 1 case wafers, 65446 feet timber, 30,000 shingles, 4000 laths, 76 bags bran, 10 bags pollard, 2 casks lime juice, Turnbull, Orr & Co; 20 bags barleys, Porter & White
Sailed 17-Dec Maquasha schooner 152 tons Captain Taylor from Port Phillip for Hobart Passengers Mr and Mrs Craig, Mr Smith. Exports 25 bullocks, 500 sheep, 2 casks lime juice.


Arrived 31-Jan Margaret schooner 49 tons, William Lovett master, from Hobart Jan 24, with 23 steerage Passengers
Sailed 7-Feb Margaret schooner, 49 tons, Captain Lovitt, for Hobart. Exports 1 bag seeds
Arrived 2-Dec Margaret schooner 57 tons Captain Hudspeth from Hobart. Imports 20 barrels flour, 4 bags sugar, 1 half-pipe Cape wine, 2 chests tea, 2 bales tobacco stems, 1 cask pitch, 1 jar spirits of tar, 1 keg 1 cask nails, 2 cans turpentine, 2 bags boots, 7700 shingles, 162 packages furniture, 6 hhds oil, 10 bags flour, 3 casks sugar, 1 case slops, 1 can oil, Order.
Sailed 11-Dec Margaret schooner 44 tons Captain Hudspeth for Hobart via Geelong. Exports 100 sheep and part of original cargo


Sailed 13-Jan Maria schooner, 35 tons, Captain Fraser, for Hobart Town. Passengers Messrs F Wigan, Wade, Moses and Habe. Exports 27 hogsheads porter, 50 barrels pork, 70 bags flour, 1 case hats, 1 case penny biscuit, 1 bale prints, 1 bag allspice, 1 case saddlery, 1 bag, 1 bale cloth, 4 cases cordials, 1 box sundries, 181 sheep.
Arrived 15-Feb Maria schooner 135 tons, Captain Morris, from Hobart 4 Feb, Passengers Messrs george Lowe, John Robinson, John Moses, H Sullivan, Mrs Bruce, Mrs Stephens. Imports 66,000 shingles, 34,000 feet timber, 22 tons stone, 17 tons potatoes, 2 1/2 tons onions, 10 casks, 7 hogsheads porter, 4 cases wine, 1 dray, 1 cart, 2 wheelbarrows, 1 gig, 6 trunks, 1 box, 2 silver cups, 4 cases cordials, 70 bags flour.
Sailed 11-Mar Maria schooner Captain George Stewart, for Hobart, Passengers Mr Bell. Exports 1 cask lime juice, 16 boxes glass, 1 bag ironware
Arrived 18-Apr Maria schooner 136 tons, Captain Stuart from Hobart, Passengers cabin Mr and Mrs Walker, Messrs Osborne, Jones, Hudson, Niblet, Mrs Frost and 3 chn, Miss Frost. Image
Sailed 2-May Maria schooner 137 tons, Captain G Stewart, for Hobart Passengers Messrs Osborne, Manning, McAlister. Exports part of original cargo, 130 barrels pork, 164 cheeses, 19 tun butts empty, 5 tun butts shook
Reported in Hobart Courier Fri 28 Aug 1840, loss of Maria by shipwreck on the coast near Portland, bound from Port Adelaide to Hobart, and two bodies were found and identified from rings recovered as Mrs Denham and Mrs York. Mr Denham and Mrs York were brother and sister, cousins of Captain Hurst of the Agenoria
See Di Cummins page Maria 1840


Sailed 29-May Mariner schooner 46 tons, Captain A Gullin, for Launceston Exports 6 hogsheads porter, 3 hogsheads pale ale, 2 hogsheads Pimlico ale, 5 cases sherry, 1 case port, 69 bags sugar, 1 bale 4 cases merinos
Arrived 11-Jul Mariner schooner 46 tons Captain Guillan from Launceston via Portland Bay Passengers M and Mrs Cromam
Sailed 5-Oct Mariner schooner 47 tons Captain Guillan for Portland Bay. Exports image
Sailed 10-Nov Mariner schooner 47 tons Captain Guillan for Portland Bay Passengers Messrs McDonnell and Milner Exports
Arrived at Launceston 10-Dec Mariner schooner 47 tons Captain Guillan from Portland Bay Passengers Matthew Atkin, Charles Boyd, Jeremiah Sullivan.


Note - there were two vessels of this name -
Marmion, 375 tons, Capt Dyer, left the Downs, London on 3 Dec with Passengers Messrs Ewing and Gould, and merchandise.
Recorded in Sydney Gazette Sat 2 May 1840 - The Marmion, on the 1st April, in lat. 39 1 S., long. GO 40 E., exchanged colours with the Gentoo, Captain Black, from Liverpool, bound to Calcutta, all well. Mr. William Duncan, chief officer of the Marmion, died at sea, ou the 1st April, from a severe cold.
Marmion with Capt Dyer arrived at Sydney on Fri 1st May 1840 and departed for India Tues 16 June in ballast


Arrived 8 Aug 1840, barque 388 tons, Captain William Jellard master, from London 24 Apr,
Passengers Cabin Mrs Scott, Mr F Scott, Messrs J Barker and E Barker, Mr and Mrs Robinson and family. Steerage John Gray, Hannah Gray and 2 chn, Abraham Morson, Frederick Woodal.
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 16 Sep 1840, ship Marmion, Captain Jellard, arrived on Monday 14 Sep from London via Port Phillip on 4 Sep, with part of her original cargo and Passengers Mr and Mrs Robinson and 3 chn, Captain Wilson, Mr E McArthur, Mr Kinghorne and 3 in the steerage.
Departed 15 Oct 1840 from Sydney, Destination: Calcutta, Passenger Mr Macquarie agent R Anderson
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 30 Dec 1840, ship Marmion, Captain Dyet, having left Manilla 10 Oct with sugar, etc
Marmion Marmion 2nd
Martin Luther

Martin Luther

arrived 1 Nov 1840, barque, 445 tons Captain Robert Swan master, from Greenock 5 June and Adelaide 28 Oct
Report 20 Oct 1840 when the Lord Saumarez arrived from Sydney, that the Martin Luther was fallen in with on the 9th June off Holy Island, with loss of fore-top-mast, etc,
and two of the crew drowned; she was towed back to Greenock port.
Passengers Mr and Mrs Drummond, Miss Steel, James P Hunter, Intermediate Mr and Mrs Logan and family

See visit to Adelaide of Martin Luther recorded by Di Cummings.
Departed 7 Dec 1840 for Anjiers in ballast.



Arrived 14-Apr Mary cutter 41 tons, Captain Barton from Hobart. Passengers Henry Thomas. Imports image dated 18 April
Sailed 27-Apr Mary cutter 42 tons, Captain T Burton for Hobart in balast, Passengers James Williams and Jane Williams
Arrived 28-Jul Mary cutter 20 tons, Captain Ludwick from Launceston Imports 29 bags barley, 1 tank, 2 tons potatoes, 1000 paling, 500 feet pine, 10,000 shingles, 4000 laths, 1 case apples
Arrived 1-Oct Mary cutter 56 tons Captain Saunders from Launceston . Imports 3900 broad paling, 7000 feet timber, Order.

Mary Eliza

arrived 24 Feb 1840, ship 275 tons, Capt Patterson, from London, passengers Mr and Mrs Lucase Page 2 of the Commercial Journal Sat 14 March 1840 reports the arrival on Mon 24 Feb of the 'Mary Eliza', Master Paterson from London on 22 Oct 1839 with merchandise and two passengers - the cargo is listed, but not the passengers names
Sailed 11-Mar Mary Eliza brig 275 tons, Captain Patterson, for Launceston, with part of original cargo from London. Passengers Mr HF Gisborne Esq.,
Mary Eliza Mary Eliza Mary Eliza

Mary Hay

Arrived 7-Apr Mary Hay barque 253 tons, Captain Volum from Hobart on 31 March. Passengers cabin Mr and Mrs Beveridge and child, Messrs Worsley, Birch, Clinch and Haines, and 12 in the steerage. Mary Hay Imports 135,000 shingles, 600 feet palings, 15 tons potatoes, 1 bale hair, 3 bhds lime, 1 gig and harness, 7 horses, 14,000 feet timber, 30 boxes startch, Order; 17 horses, 15 pigs, Mr Haines; 1 cow, 1 horse, Birch; 18 packages fruit, AD Volum.
Sailed 25-Apr Mary Hay barque 255 tons, Captain AD Volum for Hobart Passengers Messrs Power, McPhee, Milner. Exports 45 bullocks, 500 sheep
Arrived 1-Jun Mary Hay barque 258 tons, Captain AD Volum, from Hobart on 22 May Passengers cabin Dr Fisher, Miss Anderson, Messrs Anderson, A Anderson, H Clark, H McCrae, A McKenzie, Petrie, Story, Jones, Gibbon; steerage B Handcock, wife and 2 chn, Mr McGuire, wife and 2 chn, Mr McGuiness, wife and 3 chn, Mr Lipscombe, George Smith, John Mitchell. Turnbull, Orr and Co, Agents
Sailed 19-Jun Mary Hay barque 258 tons, Captain Volum, for Hobart, in ballast
Arrived 26-Jul Mary Hay barque 253 tons Captain Volum from Hobart on 23 July Passengers cabin Mr and Mrs McWay and child, Mr Hutton, Mr Barclay, and 10 in the steerage Imports

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,
Arrivals in 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849,

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