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Ships that came to Port Phillip in 1840
Arrivals by each Month - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,

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Lord Goderich

arrived 25 Feb 1840 at Hobart, barque, 460 tons, Capt P Kay, from London 1 Sep 1839 with delay at Portsmouth for repairs,
The Lord Goderich arrived 15 Apr 1838 at Port Adelaide from London with 111 adults and 46 children afetr a voyage of 6 months, disturbed by disputes that caused the vessel to put into Bahra, then coontinued till they reached the courts in Adelaide. Passengers included Edward Castres Gwynne who was appointed clek of court at the end of 1837 by the Supreme Court of South Australia judge John Jeffcott and in 1840 gained admission to the bar and practised as a barrister.


Reported in Colonial Gazette, Wed 25 Sep, 1839 and reprinted in Port Phillip Herald, 24 Jan 1840.
The ship Sophia, bound for Sydney, New South Wales, with emigrants, came in collision with the Lord Goderich, passenger ship for Port Phillip, early on Saturday morning, (14 Sep 1839,) off the Island of Wight. She was fallen in with by the Adelaide steam ship, belonging to the Dublin Steam Company, in the greatest distress, being almost a total wreck, her bowsprit and cutwater having been carried away, together with her foremast; one fluke of her anchor was buried in her bows, the other broke off by the extreme violence of the concussion. The Adelaide took her in tow, and brought her safely to anchor off Gravesend on Sunday; whence she was towed on Monday, to the ST Katherine's Docks to discharge her cargo, for the purpose of having an overhaul and the damage repaired.
It was most fortunate that the poor passengers were in their berths; had they been on the deck at the time of the accident, the consequences might have been dreadful,
The Lord Goderich put into Portsmouth, with loss of bowsprit and cutwater, and other serious damage. She had been upwards of a fortnight in reaching the Isle of Wight, owing to the tempestuous weather. - A lady who was a passenger on board the Lord Goderich thus describes the event. "We are safe at Portsmouth, and thankful - I trust most reverently thankful - for our merciful deliverance. From eleven on Friday night till two on Saturday morning (the 13th and 14th) the sound of wind and rain was most awful, and the waves were mountains high; we several times feared the roof of our cabin was breaking in. At two o'clock there was a dreadful crash, from the meeting of another vessel; and for a few minutes all was given up for lost. Lord Goderich The warning was given that the poop would be swept away, and every minute I expected it to be battered in, so dreadful was the shock and grinding of the Sophia against the side of our cabin; for a short time both the captain and mate thought we should go down.
We stood most anxiously waiting the result, and were rejoiced when we heard that the ships had cleared each other. We sat deeply solicitous to witness the first gleam of daylight, when the signal flag was hoisted.
14 Feb 1840 from Hobart Town Crier, - the bark Lord Goderich, 308 tons, Ksv, from London, with merchandise - passengers, Captain and Mrs Lloyd, two children, and servant, Thomas Shaw, Esq, Dr. and Mrs. Hewitt, four children, and servant, John and Robert Baterwell, Esqs., George Greaves, Esq., Mrs. Greaves, two children, and servant, A. Greaves, Esq , Mrs. and Miss Greaves, Mr. and Mrs. Chimberlain, M. Buckland, Esq., Messrs. Silvester, Hughes, Massey, Robertson, two Misses Robertson, R. Vine, Thomas Napier, John Leslie, Thomas Acock and wife, J. H. Barker.
Lord Goderich called at Launceston, leaving there on 20 March for Port Phillip, with Henty & Co Agents
On 5 April the Lord Goderich spoke to the Ellen when both were in Bass's Straits, - Ellen Capt Dixon, 400 tons, with tea from Canton to Sydney, all well.
Arrived at Port Phillip 7 April 1840
51 Passengers - Cabin Mr and Mrs Graves/Greeves and 3 chn, Mrs A Graves/Greeves, Mr Adolphus Graves/Greeves, Mr Godfrey Howell, Miss Mary Milner, Mrs Chamberlin, Mr and Mrs Wm Patterson, Miss Butler, Mrs E Lee, Miss Ann O'Brien, Miss Purves, Messrs Backland, Backwell, E Butler, Chamberlin, TW Humphrey, J Darnfield, A Thom; Steerage - Ann Obrien, Mr Bamford, JH Birch, Mr and Mrs Hall, JM Hall, WB Hall, TW Hall, and 3 Misses Hall, incl Clara Ellen Hall, the youngest child of Joseph and Elizabeth Hall.
J and R Howitt, E Hughes, Mr Lansdown, Lister, Mr Murray, Mr Paget, Mr Perry, Mr Quin, Mr Robinson, B S Smith, J Smith, C Smith and 2 chn, JEB Smith, JEB Smith, B S Smith, Mr Sullivan, Mr Williams .
See 1st image for the list of luggage for Graves including 33 packages of building materials, and 3rd image for JM Hall's list of boxes of stores, a cart and a plough.
Lord Goderich Lord Goderich Lord Goderich
In Dec 1840 The Lord Goderich and William Henderson were loading at Manilla for London.
The Courier Hobart, Tas, Fri 26 Nov 1841 - arrival 18 Nov - Lord Goderich, 362 tons, Miles, from Portsmouth 14 July, with male prisoners (176 boys and 10 men). The guard consists of Major Robertson and 30 rank and file of the 96th regiment, with one woman and one child (POLLARD George - Private, 96th Regt of Foot with Ann his wife and Alfred his son born during the voyage). Surgeon Superintendent Mr John Baird. The adults had been landed at Hobart Town, and the boys were to be forwarded to Port Arthur. On Thurs 9 Dec Mr Stracey, the Agent of the Van Dieman's Land Auction Company, will sell by public auction, on behalf of the Accountant-General of her Majesty's Navy, the Surplus Stores and Prison Fittings landed from the male convict ship Lord Goderich. Terms cash and the lots to be cleared away immediately after the sale. See Guards and the Surgeon's Report of the voyage, 10 June to 30 Nov 1841.

Lord Hobart

Arrived 19-Jan Lord Hobart brig, 160 tons, Nichols master, from Launceston 14 Jan, cargo sheep, Passengers in the steerage William Charlton, James Walker, James Pratt
Sailed 21-Jan Lord Hobart brig, 160 tons, Captain Nicholls for Launceston in ballast, no Passengers.
Arrived 14-Feb Lord Hobart brig 160 tons, Captain Nichols, from Launceston Passengers Messrs Edward Barrett, and Smith. Imports 629 sheep, 6 bullocks, 1 horse, 1 dray, Edward Barrett; 18 bullocks, 1 horse, T Norris.
Sailed 17-Feb Lord Hobart schooner 160 tons, Captain Nicholls, for Launceston, in ballast
Arrived 29-Nov Lord Hobart barque 161 tons Captain Sinclair from Hobart Imports

Lord Saumarez

Arrived 18-Oct Lord Saumarez brig 201 tons Captain McLean from Sydney on 11 Oct Passengers Madame LaTrobe, Major Anderson, Dr Martin, Messrs O/Connell, Cameron, Jennings, Ryrie, Dick, Manton, Bertleson, Ferguson and 30 in the steerage. Imports image
Sailed 27-Dec Lord Saumarez the first wool ship of this year's clip, sailed for London

Lord Sidmonth

Arrived 6-May Lord Sidmouth barque 200 tons, Captain Marr, from Hobart on 25 Apr. Passengers cabin Major Newman and 5 chn, HF Gisborne Esq, Messrs Gatehouse, Rowe and Pogson; steerage J Armenger, W Dougherty and wife, P Dowling, P Dearton and wife, Mrs E Roberts, T Maxwell, E Edwards, Norton, J Moodie, W Hawsell, J Beard. Imports image
Arrived 6-Jul Lord Sidmonth barque Captain Marr from Hobart on 28 June Passengers Dr E and Mrs Hobson, Messrs Proctor, JA Brown, Umphelly, and Judge Donnithorne.
Sailed 22-Jul Lord Sidmouth barque 195 tons Captain Marr, for Hobart Passengers cabin Mr OConnor, Mr O Williams; steerage J Spottiswoode
Arrived 27-Aug Lord Sidmouth barque 181 tons Captain Marr from Hobart Passengers Mrs Marr, Messrs Marey, Falkner, Carter and Spottiswood.
Sailed 11-Sep Lord Sidmouth barque 194 tons Captain Marr for Hobart Passengers Mr R Atkins and Miss Atkins, 2 in the steerage
Arrived 21-Oct Lord Sidmouth barque 195 tons Captain Marr from Hobart on 5 Oct Passengers Mr and Mrs McGillivray, Messrs Gentle, Ferguson, Clarke, Hindsby and 16 in the steerage. Imports image
Sailed 31-Oct Lord Sidmouth barque 175 tons Captain Marr for Hobart. Exports 12 kegs tobacco part of original cargo

Lord Western

Arrived 20-Nov Lord Western ship 530 tons Captain Lock from Sydney Passengers Mr Pentland and 10 in the steerage Imports 3 cases, 5 packages hardware, 156 battens, 90 deals, Order.
Sailed 24-Nov Lord Western 530 tons Captain Locke for Singapore in ballast

Louisa Campbell

arrived 16 April 1840, barque, 280 tons, Captain Derby/Darby, from London 27 Nov, direct.
Passengers Cabin - Mrs Windson, Mrs Korf and 2 sons, Messrs Wemyss and Cooper.
Steerage Mr and Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Marshall, Messrs Thompson, Dickson, Coombes, Leitch, Langford and 2 sons
May 12, Cleared for Sydney,
Passengers Mr and Mrs Cleary with 2 chn and servant, Mrs Korff, Mrs F and Master G Korff, Mrs Windson, Miss Susan Templeton, Messrs Wemyss, Alison and Heggie.
Steerage Mrs Broadripp and child, Wm Gilliard.

Sailed - 13 May - Exports part of original cargo from London, 100 hhds porter, 5 cases merchandise, 6 casks ditto, 8 sheets lead; from Port Phillip 105 bales wool.
Louisa Campbell Louisa Campbell

Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Sat 30 May 1840, Louisa Campbell arrived yesterday from Port Phillip. Passengers Messrs Aigie, Allison, Mrs McLeary and 2 chn, Mr Wyms, Mrs Windsor, Mr and Mrs Korff and child, and 2 in the steerage
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Weds 9 Dec 1840, Louisa Campbell, Captain Darby, arrived at Sydney on Saturday last, from Manilla, with sugar, very unusual for this paper to list cargo - 5040 bags sugar, 365 coild rope, 50 cases cigars, 6 jars broas, 2 boxes chocolate, 4 trunks apparel, 5 bales tobacco, and 5 cases cigars.


Note 1-Apr Captain Ruffle is formerly Captain of the Henry
Arrived 1-Apr Lowestoft schooner 114 tons, Captain Ruffle, from Lauceston on 26 March via Geelong, Passengers cabin Messrs Webster Airey, Clarke, Hagen and Rawling, steerage Hurstly, Knuckley Frampton, Graham, Creamer, Harris, Farrell, Hushry, Ramsay, Miller, Allen, E Marrick with wife and 2 chn. Imports 535 sheep, 5 horses, 1000 bundles palings, 4 bags sugar, 1 bag salt, 6 tons flour, 2 chests 1 box 10 lbs tea, 1 dray and harness, 1 case ironmongery, 1 box soap, 3 iron pots, 1 tent tarpaulin, 1 cot, 1 chair, 1 table, 2 muskets, 1 cross-cut saw, 3 spades, 1/4 ton sugar, 1 cask wine, 60 hurdles, Order.
Sailed 1-Apr Lowestoft schooner 114 tons, Captain Ruffle, for Lauceston in balast
Arrived 15-Apr Lowestoft schooner 117 tons, Captain Ruffle from Lauceston
Arrived 16-Apr Lowestoft schooner 117 tons, Captain Ruffle from Lauceston Passengers cabin Messrs James Malcolm, George Allen, Edward Rand, James Haines, Mrs G Allen; steerage B Stratford, W Calvert, P James. Imports 820 sheep, 5 horses, Malcolm.
Sailed 20-Apr Lowestoft schooner 114 tons, Captain Ruffle for Lauceston Passengers Messrs Sayers, Stewart, Miller, Pierce, Barnett, McLean, Ramsdale, Rawlins. Exports 200 sheep
Arrived 17-Jul Lowestoft schooner 114 tons Captain Ruffle from Launceston on 13 July Passengers cabin Messrs Russell, Coulson, Miss J Lyle; steerage John and William Barry, Catherine Blakely, Edward Patterson
Sailed 1-Aug Lowestoft schooner 114 tons Captain Ruffle for Launceston Passengers Messrs W Adams, Fair and Coulson. Exports 55 bags flour, 2 packets hops, 50 demijohns gin, 30 bags salt, 17 bags coffee.
Arrived 26-Aug Lowestoft schooner 114 tons Captain Ruffle from Launceston Passengers Miss Spencer, Messrs Devonport, Locke, Daynton, Devonport, Ruffle and Adams, and 13 in the steerage.
Sailed 5-Sep Lowestoft schooner 114 tons Captain Ruffle for Lau. Exports 150 sheep
Arrived 28-Sep Lowestoft schooner 114 tons Captain Ruffle from Launceston on 26 Sep Passengers J Magger
Sailed 17-Oct Lowestoft schooner 114 tons Captain Ruffle for Launceston Passengers Messrs Smith and Claridge. Exports 250 sheep Report arrival at Launceston on 23 Oct, with Passengers Haines travelling with the sheep.
Arrived 11-Nov Lowestoft schooner 114 tons Captain Ruffle from Launceston on 6 Nov, Passengers Mr Frazer Imports 30,000 feet timber, 2000 broad paling, 10 bags flour, Order.
Arrived 29-Nov Lowestoft schooner 110 tons Captain Ruffle from Geelong in ballast
Sailed 2-Dec Lowestoft schooner 114 tons Captain Ruffle for Launceston Passengers Messrs Farrell, Mortimer, Evans, Page, Johnson. Exports 280 sheep.


In the Harbour 17-Jan Lucy (cutter) from Launceston

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,
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