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Ships that came to Port Phillip in 1840
The march of Civilisation
Arrivals by each Month - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,

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Barque built 1829, On 17 June 1834 with Symes master, arrived in Sydney from Hobart with 12 tons potatoes, Left Madras (1838 Aug 20) sailed via King George's Sound and Portland Bay and Port Phillip on 7 Dec 1838 and reached Sydney (1838 Dec 16) with cargo of sugar, rice, soap, etc
from Canton 6 Jan 1839, Swan River 29 Jan 1840 and Adelaide 15 March 1840
arrived 18 March 1840, barque, 190 tons, Capt Symers, from Manilla and China via Swan River, King George's Sound and Adelaide. Passengers Captain Pierson, child and servant, Messrs Taunton, Gilbert, Chapman, Robertson,
From Adelaide Lieut Kirsopp, Mr Miller.
Arrived 18-Apr 1840 Caledonia barque 190 tons, Captain Symers, from Manilla and China via Swan River, King George's Sound and Adelaide, Passengers Captain Pierson, child and servant, Messrs Taunton, Gilbert, Chapman, Robertson, from Adelaide Lieut Kirsopp, Mr Miller. Image
Sailed 22-Apr Caledonia barque 190 tons, Captain Symers for Sydney Passengers cabin Captain Pierson, child and servant, Messrs Taunton, Chapman, Gilbert and Robertson. Left with part of original cargo from China and Manilla.


Sailed 13-Jan Camilla brig, 260 tons, Captain Gardiner, for Hobart Town. Passengers Messrs Staples and Gerrand, Exports 500 sheep


arrived 8 Feb 1840, Master Williams, from London and Plymouth, reached Adelaide on 17 Dec 1839. Arrived 8-Feb Caroline from London, Caroline Imports
See visit to Adelaide of Caroline recorded by Di Cummings.
Passengers Mr and Mrs Akins/Atkins, Miss Akins, Mr and Mrs Roberts, Mr and Mrs Wright, Mary Young, Messrs Atkin, Darnell, Sayers, Smeathman, Trevalton, Wersley.
The Port Phillip Herald for Tuesday, February 11, 1840 reports news of Adelaide - arrival there of cattle driven by Mr Huon, and by E and W Howe of Glenlee, also death of Samuel Stephens who fell off his horse on 18 Jan - original manager of the South Australian Company, brother of Mr E Stephens the Cashier of the South Australian Company's Bank, son of the Wesleyan clergyman, Rev J Stephens of Brixton-Hill, near London.

Sailed 5-Mar Caroline ship 330 tons, Captain Williams, for Launceston in ballast
Sailed 7-Mar Caroline schooner Captain Williams, for Launceston in ballast
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 22 Apr 1840, Caroline, Cpatain Fox, arrived on Sunday last, from Port Phillip whence she sailed the 15th inst with tallow, etc. passengers Mr and Mrs Abrahams, and Mr Kelly
See Caroline for voyages in 1841

Caroline brig

, 181 tons.
Reported 6-Jan Caroline brig, 200 tons burthen, AI at Lloyds, GP Stenins commander, open for freight, including stock, has superior accommodation for Passengers, avaiable for Hobart or Adelaide
In the Harbour 17-Jan Carolina (brig) 200 tons, Captain Steains, for Sydney
Sailed 21-Jan Caroline brig, 200 tons, Steains master, for Sydney. Passengers George Porter Esq., H Matson Esq., Mr Urquhart, Rev W Hamilton and Lady, Messrs Graham and John Sword. Steerage W Harrison, W McMillan, F Harrington, RP Solomon, Robert Henry, Shanahan and Daypter
Returned 26-Jan Caroline put back to Williams Town through stress of weather. She reports the Indemnity and Lord Hobart had been aground on the north-west bank near the heads. The Enterprise and Indemnity for Launceston, and the Lord Hobart for Hobart Town, are wind-bound at the Heads
Arrived 21-Mar Caroline brig 180 tons, Captain Fox, from Sydney 6 Mar, Passengers cabin Mrs Abrahams, Miss C Guillod, G Crawley, AM McCrae amd J Brewster, Esqq., and 15 in the steerage
Sailed 8-Apr Caroline brig 187 tons, Captain Fox for Sydney. Export 5 casks tallow, 4 hhds brandy. Caroline Arrived 13-Jun Caroline brig 185 tons Captain Fox from Sydney on 9 June Passengers Mr and Mrs Lazarus and 3 chn, Mr and Mrs Abrahams and family, Captain and Mrs Sullivan and child, Mr T O'Brien, P Milligan, S Smallgrove, John Newman, John Broadwood.
Sailed 7-Jul Caroline brig 181 tons, Captain Rogers for Sydney Passengers cabin Mr Leigh, steerage Gillon, Roberts and Johnson. Exports 4 cases cigars
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Sat 8 Aug 1840, brig Caroline, Capt Rogers, departed on Weds last for Port Phillip with sundries and passengers Mr Somnier, Mr Leigh, Mrs Smart, Mrs Nesbitt and 15 in the steerage.
Note on 21 Aug that Port Phillip is expecting arrival of the Caroline.
Arrived 21 August, Caroline, brig 181 tons Capt Rogers from Sydney on 5 Aug Passengers Messrs Larrimer, Nesbitt, Smart and 17 in the steerage. Imports
Sailed 10-Sep Caroline brig 181 tons Captain Rogers, for Sydney Exports 4 cases slops, 22 cases oil, 3 quarter-casks wine, 3 cases marble, 36 bags rice flour, 14 casks pork.
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Sat 26 Sep 1840, brig Caroline, Capt Rogers, arrived from Port Phillip arrived yesterday, having left the 13th Sep, Captain Rogers with sundries, Passengers Mr Overhand and Mr Burton


schooner 80 tons, built in 1830, was first recorded in Australian waters when she arrived at Port Adelaide 21 Jan 1840 from Mauritius with 100 bags dates. She arrived at Port Adelaide 8 Apr 1840, on 29 May from Hobart,
Challenger Capt Winter Arrived - 28 June from Adelaide 17 June Passengers Captain Darvall (57th Regt) Mr Gilpin and 7 in steerage. Imports 69 and 342 casks flour W in diamond, 438 casks rice WC in diamond, 28 bales bags W in diamond, 6 tierces beef, W over JS, Order.
Challenger schooner 80 tons, Capt Winter sailed - 9 July from Port Phillip for Hobart with part of original cargo. Passengers J Weatherhead, wife and 3 chn
Challenger arrived at Port Adelaide on 18 Aug and again on 19 Oct from Hobart, then went to Mauritius, arriving back at Port Adelaide on 5 Dec 1840
See Challenger for voyages in 1840


Arrived 20-Feb Charlotte from Launceston, Passengers EW Tregatha, Mr TD Broomfield, John Sylvester, Harratt, Robert Pickering, Mary Lambert and 2 chn, James Smith
Sailed 22-Feb Charlotte brig 98 tons, Captain Tregartha, for Launceston, Passengers EW Tregartha Esq., Mr Dennis and wife, Sarah Jones, ? A Orr.
Arrived 7-Mar Charlotte brig 96 tons, Captain Tregurtha, from Launceston. Passengers cabin William Wood Esq.; steerage James and John Lee.
Sailed 7-Mar Charlotte brig 96 tons, Captain Tregurtha, for Launceston in ballast
Arrived 8-Apr Charlotte brig 96 tons, Captain Tregurtha from Lauceston on 2 April via Geelong. Passengers EP Tregurtha, A Dennis Esqs., Mrs Lee, Messrs Davis and Pollard, and 6 in the steerage. Imports image
Sailed 16-Apr Charlotte brig 96 tons, Captain Tregurtha for Lauceston Export 42 bales wool
Arrived 7-May Charlotte schooner 96 tons, Captain Tregurtha, from Launceston on 3 May. Passengers cabin Messrs J Williamson, K Clarke, J Archer, M OHalloran, S Reeves, R Clarke; steerage John Monks, H Miller, Thomas Morley, J Clarke, and Mary Miller
Arrived 13-Jun Charlotte brig 96 tons Captain Tregurtha from Launceston Passengers Dr Howitt, lady and 4 chn, Captain Brown and 2 boys, Messrs Dougan, Learmonth, and Bogue; steerage Anne Porter, T Tomlin, W Sheldon, Susannah Robertson, J Benham, and Sam, a native of Port Phillip. McCabe & Co Agents
Sailed 26-Jun Charlotte brig 96 tons, Captain Tregartha for Launceston Passengers cabin Messrs EP Tregurtha, N Campbell, Bitsell, Broderip, and A Jones; steerage Mrs STone, John Stone, Charles Collins, John Lee, David Henderson. Exports 50 sheep, and 50 bags rice, 10 bags flour, part of original cargo.
Arrived 26-Jul Charlotte brig 96 tons Captain Tregurtha from Launceston on 23 July Passengers Messrs A Thom, McLeod, F Bennett, C Sharpe
Sailed 6-Aug Charlotte brig 96 tons Captain Tregurtha for Launceston Exports 150 sheep
Arrived 7-Sep Charlotte brig 96 tons Captain Tregurtha from Launceston on 28 Aug Passengers Mr and Mrs Dennis and 2 chn, Mrs Sterry and 2 chn, Messrs Powell, Rolston, Spicer, Campbell, Anderson, Worsley, Lavers and 11 in the steerage
Sailed 19-Sep Charlotte brig 96 tons Captain Tregurtha for Launceston in ballast
Report 27-Oct Charlotte brig 96 tons, departed 23 Oct from Launceston for Port Phillip with Passengers Mrs Birch, James Reid, Wm Telley and John Reid.
Arrived 30-Oct Charlotte brig 96 tons Captain Tregurtha from Launceston on 24 Oct Passengers Mrs Birch, Messrs Reid, Forster and Farrell. Imports 4 tons hay, Bell; 48 bags barley, Mills; 5 bags flour, 3 cases apparel, Budds; 6 bags flour, George; 10 tons hay, 5000 feet timber, 50 bags potatoes, 25 jars sheep-wash, Order.
Sailed 10-Nov Charlotte brig 96 tons Captain Yregurtha for Launceston Passengers Mrs Birch, Messrs Campbell, Aikenhead, Winter, Cowell, Scott, and Ferguson Exports 300 sheep, 50 bags potatoes, 3000 feet timber
14 Nov 1840 schooner Farringdon master, arrived at Geelong from Melbourne with cargo, printing and building materials
19 Nov 1840 departed Geelong for Melbourne
02 Dec 1840 Farrington master at Geelong from Melbourne
Arrived 6-Dec Charlotte brig 96 tons Captain Tregurtha from Launceston on 4 Dec Passengers Messrs EP Tregurtha and R Clark, 2 in the steerage. Imports 20,000 feet timber, 16 pipes 11 half-pipes 9 quarter-pipes wine, 80 bags oats, 3000 broad paling, Order.
15 Dec 1840 schooner from Geelong for Melbourne
Sailed 21-Dec Charlotte brig 40 tons Captain Robins for Western Port. Exports
21 Dec 1840 brig cleared from Melbourne for Launceston
See Charlotte for voyages in 1841

Childe Harold

Arrived 21-Dec Childe Harold cutter 10 tons Captain Robins from Western Port. Imports 28 bags wheat, 9 pieces machinery, 1 bundle rhubarb, F Pittman.


arrived 2 May 1840 at Port Phillip from London via Plymouth 27 Nov 1839 - see my China page.


Arrived - 24 Feb - Christina brig 126 tons, Captain Birkinshaw from Sydney 16 Feb, Passengers Mr and Mrs Locke with Misses Elizabeth, Jane, Louisa, Masters Charles, Alfred and Robert Locke, Bayley, Messrs Orr and Turnbull, and 20 in the steerage
Arrived - 10 May - Christina brig, 126 tons, Capt Birkenshaw, from Sydney on 28 April Passengers Andrew Kerr, wife and 3 vhn, Peter Suite and wife, JF Hopwood and wife, M Reid, and W Barnes.
Arrived - 3 Oct Christina brig 123 tons Capt Birkinshaw from Sydney Passengers Rev J Orton, Mrs Orton and 6 chn, Mr and Mrs Capmbell, Mr and Mrs Bourne, Messrs Levy, Jeffrey, Punes, Eyre and 17 in the steerage. Imports image
Sailed - 15 Oct Christina brig 127 tons Capt Birkenshaw for Sydney Passengers Mr A Matthison. Exports 3 cases hats, 1 case cigars, 2 trunks, 2 hhds brandy, 100 boxes raisins, 14 quarter-casks wine, 26 cases split peas, 2 cases haberdashery, 8 cases Manilla cigars, 15 cases sago, 1 cask tallow, 5 cases 1 cask cigars.
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Sat 21 Nov 1840, Christina departed yesterday from Sydney for Port Phillip
Arrived - 29 Nov Christina brig 126 tons Capt Birkenshaw from Sydney Passengers Messrs AB Smith, Barnbury/Banbury, Crook and 16 in the steerage Imports
Sailed - 11 Dec Christina brig 116 tons Capt Birkinshaw for Sydney Passengers Mrs Smith, Miss Spencer, Messrs Banbury, Griffiths and 1 in steerage. Exports 4 cases saddlery, 2 casks ironmongery, 10 cases port, 23 bags coffee, 1 bag apples, 1 case raisins, 1 cask allspice, 7 cases champagne, 250 bags flour, 1 case haberdashery, 2 cases slops
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Sat 26 Dec 1840, Christina arrived at Sydney on Weds, passengers include Mr Crosdale
February Christina May Christina spaceChristina Sep Christina Dec Christina


Cintra arrived 17 June 1840, schooner 115 tons, Renfree master, from Liverpool 14 Feb, passenger Mrs Renfree.
Imports include iron for Gilchrist & Alexander, 500 boxes soap for Rowland McNab & Co, 30 cases wine for John Stephenson, list for Dunlop McNab & Co.
Sailed - 2 July - Cintra schoooner 117 tons Capt Renfree for Sydney with part of original cargo
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 25 Aug 1840, schooner Cintro, Captain Renfree, departed on Sunday last for Guam, in ballast


Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 7 Oct 1840, steamer Clonmel, Captain Tollervey, arrived from London on Monday having left 20 May, with merchandise. She is 524 tons burden, 154 ft 10 ins long, and 20 feet in breadth between her paddle boxes. Her engines are fitted up but not used during the passage from London, are each of 110 horse power, and Mr Evans the engineer has come out with the vessel.
Arrived 5-Dec Clonmel steam-ship 500 tons Lieut Tollervey commander, from Sydney 1 Dec Passengers Dr Curdie, Dr Jones, Captain McCallum, Captain Roach, Captain Grant, Monsieur and Madame Cautrot, Mrs Roach and child, Mrs Harper, Mrs Passmore, Mrs Hordern, Messrs Mackay, Sheen, McFarlane, Ryan, Beswick, Ellard, Jeffries, Harper, Ellard junior, Campbell, Capel, Webb, Jones, Rawson, Urquhart and 14 in the steerage. Imports
Clonmel Clonmel clonmel
Sailed 7-Dec Clonmel steam-ship 500 tons Captain Tollervey for Launceston Passengers Messrs Roach, Williamson, Hermitage, McKenzie, McCrae, Benjamin, Barton, Capel, Jones, Webb, Wigaell and 2 in the steerage
Sailed 10-Dec Clonmel steamer Captain Tollervey for Port Phillip from Launceston
Arrived 14-Dec Clonmel steamship 500 tons Lieut Tollervey from Sydney Passengers Messrs Best, Lewis, Simpson, Campbell, Benjamin, Wignell, Capel, Roach, Mitchell, Wood, Elder, Burley, Cox, Gamble and 4 on the deck
Clonmel Steamed out from Melbourne for Sydney, departure not recorded in Port Phillip Herald.
Clonmel arrival on 22 Dec 1840 at Sydney from Port Phillip whence sailed on 16 Dec, 528 tons, in ballast, passengers Aeneas Reginald McDonald Esq, Chieftan of Glangarry, Rev Mr Wwlsh, Colonel Gwynne, Captain McCullum, Captain Grant, Captain and Mrs Smith, Mrs Horden, Miss Lambie, Mr J Manning, R Capel, Beswick, Goodwin, A Campbell, D Chisholm, Williamson, Manton, Moss, Calder, Wilson, Heathcote, W Smith, F Lee, and Elder; also 10 deck passengers, 2 soldiers, one woman with 2 chn, one constable and 5 prisoners
Clonmel advertised on Page 1, Launceston Courier, 11 Jan 1841, expected to arrive in Launceston first week of Jan, and after a stay of 60 hours will go to Melbourne and Sydney. Rates to Melb - Cabin 7 pounds, Deck 3 pounds, to Sydney Cabin 15/15/0 and deck 9/9/0. It was a luxury ship with the latest technology from England, enabling it to connect Sydney and Melbourne in just 24 hours.
Sydney Gazette Thurs 31 Dec 1840 reports Clonmel sailed yesterday for Port Phillip and Launceston with passengers Thomas Walker Esq and Lady, Misses S and M Walker, Master John Walker and servant, Mr t Edwards, Mr C Robinson, Mr G Cantry, Mr F Dickenson, Mr T Smith, Mr Cashmore, Mr Heskett, Mrs J Thurlow with child and servant, Mr John Moss, Mr P Holland, Mr T Goodwin, Mr Ansketell, Mrs Cussack and 4 in the steerage
Clonmel left Sydney 30 Dec 1840 and was


2 Jan 1841 - the paddle steamer Clonmel went aground at Snake Point. It was carrying a number of influential society people from Sydney and valuable cargo on only its second run on the all important east coast route.

The Launceston Courier for 18 Jan 1841 reports the Clonmel was fully insured in Sydney for forty thousand pounds, lists the passengers as Mr and Mrs T Walker, Miss H Walker, Miss SR Walker, Miss MC Walker, Master J Walker and servant; Messrs TD Edwards, C Robinson, Cantry/Canty, Dickinson/Dickenson, Small/Smith, Mr and Mrs Cashmore, Mr Hesketh, Mr J Moss, Mr P/J Holland, Mr T Goodwin, Cassock, Miss Ann Ketell/Mr Anketill, Mrs J Thurlow, child and servant, and 14 in the steerage/on deck.
Among those taking advantage of the high class service when the Clonmel wrecked were a Mr Robinson and a Mr and Mrs Cashmore. Mr Robinson, a representative of the Union Bank, was escorting a £3000 shipment of bank notes for the bank's Melbourne branch. Mr and Mrs Cashmore, newlyweds, were taking a large amount of stock to Melbourne for a drapery store they were opening on the corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets.

On 15 Jan the Sisters, cutter with Mulhall master, brough survivors Mr and Mrs Cashmore, Mrs Cusack, Messrs Holland, Robertson, Hesketh, Dickenson, Smith, Anketel, Moss, Lieut Russell, mounted police and troop, Captains Passmore and Lewis, nine in the steerage.
Jan 16 the 'Will Watch' schooner, brought Captains Tolervey and Roach, Mr Goodwin and the crew of the Clonmel.
See Website a 600-ton steamer, the ‘Clonmel’, bound for Port Phillip from Sydney, had grounded on a sandbank south of the present Port Albert at around 3am on 2 January 1841.
Meanwhile, in Feb 1841, as overseer for land-owner Lachlan Macalister, Angus McMillan penetrated deep into Victoria’s southeast mountains from the grazing country that had been established south of Omeo at Ensay, convinced that a track could be made to the sea. Reaching Corner Inlet, near what is today Port Albert, he “supped the salt water in his Highland bonnet”, and recorded his visit on a tree where he engraved the words ‘Angus McMillan 14-2-1841’.
Eight men formed the ‘Gippsland Company’, chartering the 343-ton barque ‘Singapore’ under Captain Hamilton to settle the promising lands seen when the Clonmel floundered. Following the deep channel the Clonmel’s crew and passengers had reported, though not without some delay, the party landed nine horses and provisions at the point where McMillan had supped.
McMillan returned to Ensay without noticing the shipwreck and immediately arranged for a bullock team to assist in cutting a track down to Port Albert. Imagine his surprise when he arrived back at the mouth of the Albert River to the spot he had discovered, to find a cottage and a small company of men in tents.


arrived 9 Nov 1840, barque, 514 tons, Capt Bennett, left Liverpool 29 June, Image 235.
Cabin passengers Mr and Mrs Miller, Miss Crockett, Mr and Miss Beswick, Messrs Hutchinson, McKenzie, Atkinson, Lea, Lee, Maud, McAuley, McKenzie and Dr Proud, Surgeon. Steerage 14
see Clydesdale notes for 1841
Clydesdale Clydesdale


arrived 18 Feb 1840 from Liverpool 21 Oct 1839, barque, 275 tons, Captain Wakeham.
Passengers, Cabin - Mr and Mrs Jones, Messrs Vaughan, James Hay, Curr/Caw, Henry Hassell, Mr Porter,
Intermediate Mr and Mrs Howe and 4 chn, Messrs Ougan, Pinsout, Greenlies, Arthur Kemmis & Co Agents
21 Mar 1840 departed for Sydney with part of original cargo
reached Sydney 29 Mar 1840 with part of original cargo, Passengers cabin Messrs H Hassel and J Hay, McKenzie and T Strode; steerage James Pensant
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Weds 19 Aug 1840,
Columbian Columbian Columbian


arrived 10 July 1840, ship, 650 tons, from London 4 Jan and Plymouth 10 Jan 1840 - For more details and list see my Coromandel page.


barque arrived 13 Aug 1840, 387 tons, John Campbell master, from Greenock 17 Feb, reached Adelaide 7 July with 21 passengers and departed Adelaide 8 August. Image Scotland 104
Passengers from Greenock - Messrs John Brown, Wm Cottreux/Guttreiux, Wm Henry, C Hunter, George McCready, John Macredie, Dugald McPherson, Ed Morton, Wm H Scott, Wm Taylor, James Turnbull, Also Dr Stoddart, David Graham from Adelaide
Intermediate - Mr David Farquhar, David Hanston, Isabella Harris, Robert Harris, Thomas Harris, Neil Johnson, Mr Wm Richardson, and 8 in Steerage
20 Aug Cleared for Sydney, Passengers Cabin Messrs Brown, Scott and Graham, 7 in the steerage. No exports recorded in PPH

See visit to Adelaide of Culdee recorded by Di Cummings.
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 2 Sep 1840, barque Culdee, Captain Campbell, arrived from Port Phillip on Saturday last with part of her original cargo and passengers Mr and Mrs Harris, Messrs Scott, Brown, Farquhar, Houston, Richardson, Graham and Harris


Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Sat 23 May 1840, Cumberland departed for Port Phillip on Thursday.
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 3 June 1840, Cumberland returned to port yesterday after sailing for Port Phillip on 21st ultimo.
Arrived - 13 June -
barque 461 tons Capt Psborne from Sydney on 6 June, Passengers Mrs Hazard, Mr and Mrs Epson, Mrs Kell, Messrs JB Montefiore, TU Ryder, WH Dutton, DC Simpson, Captain Brown, Messrs C and R Brown, Milner, Bell, McVite, Minton/Menton, Miller, Brenton, Hinchcliffe, and Beattie, 30 steerage - Mrs Milstead. Mrs Churton and child, Mrs McEwan and child, Mrs Sadd, A Murray and 3 daus, Davies, Wayling, Chappell, Wilder, Cummins, McCarthy, Doyle, Kelly, Dickson, Hayes, McKer, Fox, McLaren, one sergeant, 1 corporal, four privates and 24 prisoners of the crown. Thomas, Escoe and James, Agents


Arrived 26-Jan Curlew schooner, 97 tons, G Watson master, from Sydney 12 Jan. Passengers Cabin Mr and Mrs David Chambers, Captain Fotheringham, Messrs Taylor, Arthur, Easy, Adamson, Rowland, and Dr Imlay. Captain Roach Agent. Imports items for Chisholm, Strachan & Co, HW Mason, J Hind & Co, T Wills, D Dole, A Willis & Co, S Craig, R Fletcher, T Taylor, Campbell & Woolley, A Fotheringham, H Ley,
Sailed 10-Feb Curlew schooner 97 tons, Captain Watson, for Sydney, Passengers Captain Fotheringham, Mr Coghill, Mr Ebden, Mr Jamieson, and 6 in the steerage. Exports 36 bales wool, 1 bale sheathing, 2 bales and 1 case British goods, 1 case stationery
Arrived 23-Mar Curlew schooner 100 tons, Captain Watson, from Sydney on 8 Mar, Passengers cabin Mr Wight and 23 in the steerage
Arrived 25-Jul Curlew schooner 97 tons Captain Watson from Sydney on 6 May Passengers cabin Mr and Mrs Hordern and 7 chn, Messrs Sherwin, Doyle, Watts, and Dr King; steerage J Steel, T Flynn, T Ganley, J McGill, Mrs Dempsey, Mary and Catherine Dempsey
Sailed 6-Aug Curlew schooner 98 tons Captain Watson for Sydney Exports 15 bales sheeting, 2 trunks hosiery
The Curlew leaves the wharf to take in ballast at the Junction, tomorrow morning and will probably sail, wind and weather permitting, for Sydney on Tuesday morning. The mail will close on Monday evening at 6pm.


ship arrived 15 Aug 1840, 698 tons, Captain William Miller master, from Greenock 17 Feb, arrived Adelaide 10 July with 85 passengers, and left Adelaide 8th Aug. Image Scotland 105-6 has 22 + 8 Cabin names, 12 in the steerage and 5 convicts (prisoners) with 2 constables
Dr Fletcher Surgeon Superintendent, Passengers Mrs Fletcher, Messrs A and G Fletcher, Misses A and E Fletcher, Mr Clarke, Mr Inglis, Mr Wallace and Mrs or Miss Wallace,
Passengers from Adelaide - Miss Rickets, Mr and Mrs Deseke, Messrs Baddley/Baderly, Cooker, Dabrill, Gogerty, Wurr
Passengers for Sydney from Adelaide - Messrs Ball, Crumpton, Gill, Townsend, Miss Laimmon, Mr and Mrs Fisher and 6 chn, Mr Dunbar, Mr Grant, Mr Cochrane, Mr Hay Mr Daw,
Report - 28 August - distressing accident, killed the 6 year old daughter of a gentleman just arrived from Scotland on the Dauntless
4 Sep cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo, passengers Miss M Wyne, Mr Jennings, Messrs Baddley, Grant
See Voyage to Adelaide of Dauntless recorded by Di Cummings. She has included part of the Diary kept by James Falconer apprentice to Dr Fletcher, who travelled Steerage with his brother Robert, and wed Catherine Milliagan, a fellow Steerage passenger. See this web site for the full Log of the voyage to Port Phillip, plus falconer family notes.
Dauntless Dauntless


Arrived 15-Feb Dorset brig 82 tons, Captain Robertson, from Sydney, Passengers C McArthur, wife and chn, E Henwich, R Lees, W Want. Imports 5 cases loaf sugar, 150 bags oats, 30 cases ale, 50 bags ginger, 12 coils rope, 2 teirces beef, 40 bags rice, 80 boxes soap, 334 bags flour, 4 cases hats, 2 cases cassia, 20 chests tea, 4 bags coffee, 6 cases candles, 556 bags sugar, 40 casks bottled beer, W Langhorne & Co.; 17 cases champagne, 1 case saddlery, 2 bundles, 1 package whips, 9 coils rope, Order.
Sailed 29 Feb 1840 Dorset brig, 82 tons, T Robertson master, for Sydney in ballast, Passengers cabin RH Browne Esq., A McKinlay Esq., Captain Hotton, Mr W Davidson; steerage G Meyers, G Phillipson
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 13 May 1840, Dorset arrived on Monday from Adelaide whence she sailed the 30th ultimo, with 175 bags sugar, an 3 hogsheads preserved meat,
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Sat 30 May 1840, Dorset sailed from Sydney for Adelaide on Thursday with passengers Dr Ullathorne, Mr Rodwell, Mr Hodges, Mr and Mrs Tool, Mrs Sayers with 2 chn and 2 servants.
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Weds 7 Oct 1840, brig Dorset, departed from Sydney for South Australia yesterday, with passengers Mr and Mrs Watkins and 4 chn, Mrs Soloman, Mr and Miss Nainby, one in the steerage and two Adelaide constables.
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Weds 16 Dec 1840, Dorset departed Sydney on Saturday for Port Phillip, passengers Mr and Mrs Lazar and family, Mr and Mrs Arabin, Joshua and Miss ALexander, and 2 in the steerage


Arrived - 20 August - brig 155 tons Capt Orlando Bull from London on 1 May with Imports
Report - 28 August - Dovecot got aground in entering Hobson's Bay and was saved by the timely assistance afforded by Captain JM Gill of the schooner Sir John Franklin. Captain Bull had a letter of thanks published in the Port Phillip Herald.
Sailed 19-Sep Dovecot brig 178 tons Captain Bull for Sydney in ballast Passengers Mr Ranclaud
Reported by Sydney Commercial Journal, Weds 9 Dec 1840, Dovecot, Captain Bell, departed Sydney on Sunday, for the Mauritius via Hobart Town, with sundries, passengers Mr and Mrs Griffiths with 3 chn and 2 servants, Mr and Mrs Foster with one dau and 2 sons, Lieut Chatfield and John Taylor


Arrived 11-Sep Dryade ship 266 tons Captain Heard from Manilla on 15 June, Passengers Mr and Mrs Elgar and servant, Mrs Heard and Miss Heard
Sailed 19-Sep Dryade ship 266 tons Captain Heard for Sydney Passengers Mr and Mrs Elgar and servant, Mr Morris. Exports part of original cargo, and 1000 bags sugar

Duchess of Kent

arrived 20 June 1840, Barque, 342 tons, Captain Newby master, from Gravesend 17 Jan and Plymouth 17 Feb.
Passengers Messrs J Nicholson, Edward Hughes, Edwin Haviland, Francis Haviland, R Trope MD, and one in steerage.
Imports list includes items for some individuals - for WH Baccus, J Hagen, SJ Brown, TH Power, WFA Rucker, PW Welsh, JB Were, JM Woolley,
Sailed - 4 August - Duchess of Kent, Capt Newby for Sydney Passengers Mrs Smythe. Exports 23 bales of wool, and part of original cargo.
Reported by Commercial Journal, Sydney Sat 29 Aug 1840, barque Duchess of Kent, Captain Newby, arrived from Port Phillip with sundries and passengers Mr Bogue, Mr Villiers, Mr Fenwick, Mr Byron, Mr McPherson, Messrs F and E Haviland, Mr Gasper and Mr Paterson

Duchess of Kent Duchess of Kent


Arrived 14 Dec 1840 ship, 468 tons, Captain Thompson master, from London,
Passengers Rev John Bolden lady and 4 chn, Mr and Mrs Shepherd and 2 chn, Messrs Alpin, Burchell, Henry, Messinger, R Thomas, Wharton and 3 servants, 7 in the steerage.
Reported Port Phillip Herald, 14 Dec - The Dumfries from London was ashore at the Heads yesterday evening, and Captain Lewis had gone to her assistance in the revenue cutter Prince George. The Dumfries was advertised to sail from the Downs on 15 Aug 1840.
Rev. J. S. Bolden, with his wife, four children, and two servants, reached Melbourne in the Dumfries from London on 14 December 1840, the day that the Vesper from Liverpool brought goods for 'L. & A. Bolden'. The Dumfries carried no cattle, and the Durham (shorthorn) bull, cow, and calf that arrived in the Orient from London the day before may not have been shipped by John Bolden; but Australia's 'greatest early bull — Mussulman (4525)' apparently was, and arrived about the same time, with other pedigreed beasts.
Dumfries Dumfries
Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

Hull of one deck and a quarter deck, 2 masts, 62.8 feet long, 17.9 feet breadth, 9.9 feet depth, built 1840 by Mr T Wiseman, at Launceston
Arrived 26-Oct Dusty Miller schooner from Launceston and reported in next issue of the paper.
Arrived 26-Oct Dusty Miller schooner 90 tons Captain Sproul from Launceston on 22 Oct Passengers Messrs Grieve, George. Imports image
Sailed 5-Nov Dusty Miller schooner 90 tons Captain Saunders for Launceston Passengers Mr and Mrs Daniels, Messrs McLean, Greaves and Campbell Exports 12 tons flour, 250 sheep, 2 horses, 2 cases cigars
See Dusty Miller for voyages in 1841

Notes on Vessels by name - Adelaide, Caledonia, Eagle, Harvest Home, James, Lord Goderich, Madras, Mary Ridgeway, Perseverance, Statesman, Vesper,
Arrivals in 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849,

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