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Surnames - List
Arrivals in 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848,

They came by the 'Westminster' as Bounty Immigrants in 1839

Passenger lists - NSW lists as families or singles, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.
Some are not on both lists, people slip between the lists - Vic includes crew and maybe the paying passengers.
Source of information - Historical Records of Vic, Vol 4,


barque 610 tons, Captain AS Mollison, from England to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] 1839 [Dec 13] with Mr Davis Surgeon-Superintendent, Have 4 pages fiche, Images 022-28, and 9 died during the voyage.
See also the Website by Robert Mote, Australia
The web site by Robert Mote on the Barque Westminster describes her voyage from Gravesend 26 March 1838 to Sydney, including a description of the trip by James Lawrence, the Ship's Surgeon.
Mentions she sailed from London, England, in 1839 and arrived in Port Phillip on 13 December 1839 and in Sydney, NSW on 7 January 1840.
and - from Plymouth, Devon, England, in 1841 and arrived in Port Phillip, Australia on 30 July 1841.

83 Passengers paid own way, the Disposal document gives numbers, I have grouped the names left after the Bounty passengers are identified. Names do not include 40 children

24 Cabin - Mr William Ankitill, Mr, Mr C and Mr J Atkins, Mr RJ Atkinson, Dr and Lady Davis Surg Supt, Catherine, Sarah, Edward, Thomas and Five Davis children, Mr Gardiner, Mr John and Lady Howard, Mr Labilliere Senr, Mr C E and Lady Labilliere, Miss Moon, Miss Dorothy Moore, Mr William and Mr Edward Parkeswaite/Postlethwaite, Mr Chas Ryan, Mr CR and Lady Vicker,

12 Males and 5 Females Intermediate - appears to be - Samuel Bennett, Mr FW Codisan/Collisin, John Down, Joseph Eales, Joseph and Mrs England, Mr B Faust, Miss Ferguson, Mr R Forrest, Mr Fredk Hitchin, Mr WF and Jane Ann Kirkland, Mr AP and Lady Morgan, EGE and Lady Moy, Mr William Orr, senior, Mr William Orr Junr, William Phillips, Mr JW and Lady Seymour,

18 males in Steerage - appears to be - Joseph Atkinson, Edward Boyle, James Brown, Wydham Byers/Byvis, Joseph Chivers, Francis Cleary, Owen Conlan, Charles Deering, Henry Griffin, Stewart Griffin, Thomas Hill, William Houlbrook, Thomas Kendall, George Kirke, James Mccasker, Gregory Nicholls, Wyndham Ryvers, William Tullock, Alfred Young.
Numbers exclude 25 who only appear on the Disposal List, and appear to have boarded the vessel in Melbourne to go to Sydney

WestminsterCouplesdau>14dau>7dau<7sons 14+sons>7sons<7infants menwomenwidowstotal
Other 80001111388166

"The Somerset Years", by Florence Chuk, page 40 has a chapter on the Westminster, with a description of the voyage.
The Westminster encountered heavy seas and shipped a great deal of water in the Bay of Biscay, then on 1 Sep her jib was split to pieces in a west nor'westerly gale, which caused considerable seasickness. Calmer days followed, as she sailed into warmer waters. However these made conditions hard for the animals penned on deck, so on 12 Sep eight sheep and a quantity of poultry was thrown overboard. Approaching the Line on 23 Sep, the Westminster spoke the Palmira, homeward bound, and many passengers were able to forward their first letters 'home'.
After the crossing on 1 Oct, she picked up the South-east Trades and sailed briskly into the south Atlantic. Soon storms were encountered, part of the fore top mast was smashed and sails torn. Cold weather kept the passengers below decks, with the male immigrants providing willing daytime help for the 30 crew members. On 23 Nov, midway between St Pauls and Cape Leeuwin, a large iceberg was sighted, about 1200 nautical miles north of the usual iceberg limit. The danger was recognised, and an extra watch kept - till a nervous seaman reported another iceberg that turned out to be cloud on the horizon.

The Bounty names

Bounty of 2592 pounds paid for 210 emigrants (yes, numbers do not add up!) -
30 families of 73 souls, 51 single males and 41 single females.

Listed in Sydney records,
Isaac Allen,
Patrick Anderson,
John Barter,
Thomas Beavy/Berry,
Elizabeth Bole,
Elizabeth Brew,
George Brew,
John Brew,
William Brown,
Mary Buck/Black,
George Buckman,
John Burgess,
Catherine Byess/Burgess,
George Carnall,
Bridget Carthy,
Henry Castle,
Joseph Cheetam,
Thomas Clarke,
John Clear/Char,
Patrick Coghlan,
John Cole,
Bridget Collins,
Patrick Connor/Cronin,
Thomas Cosgrave,
John Crow,
Mary Anne Crow,
Cornelius Daniel,
Sarah Davis,
Bridget Day,
Julia Desmon,
Honora/Elinora Dillon,
Charles Dixon,
John Doherty,
William Doherty,
Mary Dolan,
Bridget Doughan,
John Douglas,
Anne Ede,
Thomas Fanny,
Bridget Finn/Terry,
Michael Flannery,
Catherine Flinn,
Elizabeth Flinn,
John Flinn,
Martin Flinn,
Thomas Flinn,
Catherine Geoghegan,
Alexander Gibney,
Margaret Goggin,
John Green,
John Guinea,
James Hart,
John Hassett,
Mary Hassit/Hasset,
Charles Hay/Hayes,
Michael Henessy,
William Hill,
Bridget Houghan/Horan,
Michael Hourigan,
Mary Hutchinson,
John James,
Marianne James,
Waldron Johnson,
Isabella Kelly,
Julia Kelly,
Thomas Kelly,
Bridget King,
Anne Laney/Lancey,
Edward Leary,
Margaret Leary,
C Leerey/Leery,
Nancy Lonergan,
Samuel Loney,
Patrick Lynch,
Judith Madigan,
Anne Maginn,
Catherine Maloney,
Mary Maloney,
William Mathews,
James Maxwell,
Thomas Mccarthy,
William Mccridden,
Michael Mcdermott,
Elizabeth Mcelroy,
Hugh Mcelroy,
Bridget Mcentire/Mcintire,
Anne Mcguin,
William Mcguin,
Thomas Mcguinness,
John Mckenzie,
George Milner,
John Milnes,
John Mitchell,
Mary Moloney,
Catherine Molony,
Augustus Wm Morris,
Eugene Mulcahy,
Catherine Mullen,
William Mullen,
Michael Mulvihill,
John Murphy,
Joseph Newton,
Mary Obrien,
Daniel Oconnell,
John Oconnor,
Ann Odell,
Anne/Amelia Oliver,
John Oliver,
Margaret Osbourne,
James Powell,
Mary Powell,
Cecilia Pullen,
Thomas Ragg,
David C Rickets,
Thomas Rickets,
Elizabeth Ricketts,
Jane Robinson,
Thomas Robinson,
George Rose,
Catherine Seeroy,
Anne Seiry,
Michael Slattery,
Joseph Smith,
Lydia/Lucy Sparks,
Judith Stapleton,
Anne Stenlow,
Robert Sterry,
Augusta Suffield,
Hugh Swan,
Thomas Tanny,
William Tell,
Martin Tracy,
William/Kell Turner,
Catherine Ward,
John Watt,
George Worcester,
William Wright,
Matilda/Kathy Wynne,
Claim for 4 families 144 pounds,
1 Widower 18, 2 single men 36,
and 12 single women 216 pounds,
total 414 Pounds
A curious fact -
Some, like Michael and Anne Hourigan
are listed as being also paid for
at Port Phillip and are marked with a star *
as they appear again on the list for Sydney.
It looks like the Agents were paid twice.

Bounty passengers who are listed as going to Sydney
- Claim 414 pounds
4 Families
George Gamen 21, labourer and Mary 19, Servant
* Edward Learey 31, labourer and Mary 27, House servant
* William Matthews 38, Farm Labourer, and Jane 35, Farm servant
* William Muller 35, Gardener and Mary 19, House servant
Single Men
Daniel Cornelius 21, House Servant
* Michael Hourigan 23, labourer whose wife Anne 29, died at Sea
* John OConnor 29, Labourer
Single Women
* Catherine Burgess 21, House servant
* Honora Dillon 23, House servant
* Mary Doolan 27, House servant
* Margaret Gogan 27 Farm servant
Mary Hoargan 24, House servant
Anne Longgan 24, House servant
* Jane Matthews 16 Servant (Dau of William)
* Catherine Mullen 25, House servant
* Bridget Day/ODea 22, House servant
* Judith Stapleton 21, Servant

Arrivals in 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848,
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